Nissan Sunny vs Nissan Tiida

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Nissan Sunny vs Nissan Tiida: Hundreds of cars have been launched by different companies in the segment of Sedans. But still, you will find many changes in their looks and other aspects. Today, people want to get the best out of the rest which suits their budget.


Particularly if we talk about the company Nissan, two of its models are ready to compete with each other. The first one is Nissan Sunny and the second one is Nissan Tiida. It will be interesting to see which Sedan can impress more by its overall performance. So, let’s have a look between both these models.

Nissan Sunny

Talking about one of its main features, the company has given a spacious cabin in the interior. Along with that, both the legroom and boot space is also kind enough. There is a 1.5-liter diesel engine that tends to deliver 85 BHP power.


The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox along with good ergonomics and balanced steering. Overall, Nissan Sunny is a fun drive car and it can entertain the driver as well as the passengers during a ride.

Nissan Sunny Interior

Nissan Tiida

Some specifications can prove Nissan Tiida to be a good investment. Firstly, there is a spacious and comfortable interior of this car. A person will enjoy a good head, shoulder, and legroom.


A good suspension has been delivered for a better and smooth ride. There are a 1.8-liter twin-cam gasoline engine and a six-speed manual gearbox. The car is added with some good features of safety and security.

Nissan Tiida Interior

Which One Is Better Over The Other?

If we compare these sedans side by side, some things are there to watch. The first one is fuel consumption. Nissan Sunny can deliver you anyway from 15-17.5 km/l, whereas Nissan Tiida has 12.2 km/l which is a bit low. Both cars can hold a capacity of 5 passengers.

Nissan Sunny has been one of the major attractions of the company as compared to Tiida. It is not because Nissan Tiida hasn’t been a good machine by its performance or there are some issues in it. If we speak honestly in terms of Nissan Tiida, it is quite a reliable compact and more precursor than the Sunny. Even there are some interesting features inside this car that people can enjoy. Both Sunny and Tiida have histories that are exceptionally connected.

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Nissan Sunny vs Nissan Tiida- Final Verdict

Both these cars can impress a person by their performance and features. But, everybody holds a different perspective to choose between the two. So, if you’re looking to take such vehicles to your home, have a close look and go for the best.

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