Nissan unveils IMk concept EV

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Nissan Motors today launched the IMK, compact body car to create the “ultimate urban commuter.” This concept car featured with cutting-edge technologies, chic design, and more powerful EV acceleration.


Nissan IMk is the 100% electric car hints at the new direction of Nissan Motors’s design language and how it helps bring to life Nissan Intelligent Mobility – the brand’s (Nissan) vision for changing how vehicles are powered, driven, and connected to society.

To meet customer needs and wands for nimble driving characteristics and connectivity that fits a wide range of needs and lifestyles, hence Nissan Motors set out to create a city runner that would stand apart from any other car in the car segment.

The result is the IMk, concept. Nissan IMK, concept car is a chic vehicle that reduces the driver’s stress while offering excitement and confidence in driving on an all-new EV platform.

Exterior Design

Powerful presence derived from Timeless Japanese Futurism

The IMk’s looks and proportions reflect a minimal aesthetic, drawing on Nissan’s new design philosophy, called Timeless Japanese Futurism. Adopting the simplistic nature of traditional Japanese design, the exterior of the car follows a pattern of lines.

Carefully implemented Japanese motifs add refinement and intrigue. Dipped in an Akagane paint scheme – reflecting a reddish copper color – the concept pays homage to mechanics who formed copper into functional works of art.

The V-motion signature “shield” and combination taillights feature a trellised, woodwork-type impression. “We incorporated `Japanese DNA’ into the design of the Nissan IMk,” said Tai. “For example, the bumper, wheels, tires, windows, tail lamps, and roof borrow from the flowing patterns of mizuhiki.

Just as mizuhiki flows naturally by design, on the Nissan IMk this flowing pattern blends the front, sides, and rear of the concept together for a completely new presence, outside and inside.

The shield, which replaces the grille in gasoline-powered cars, represents a new signature element in our redefined design language. Nissan IMk follows function with style, giving the vehicle visual strength and inspiration while also providing protection and advanced technology underneath, including sensors and electronics.”

Interior Design

An inviting cabin with high-tech functionality

Nissan IMk concept’s cabin is a new type of “room” that releases the nature of a cafe or lounge.

The bench-style seat, with a dimpled seat texture, promotes a relaxing atmosphere, hence this welcome space that gives the impression of sitting on a floating cloud. Furthermore, the light tonal materials are upholstering on the car’s dashboard and sections of the doors.

Akagane-colored accents along with the instrument panel, doors, and steering wheel add brightness to the interior and a premium feels to the car even more.

Nissan unveils IMk concept EV

Interlocking with the lower door section is wood slats that are the Japanese wood joinery technique of kigumi. This feature is also highlighted by special hidden lighting. Dark coffee-colored floor carpeting with woven strands of metallic fiber enhances the cozy, relaxing setting.

Other than the start button and shifter, the IMk’s thin dashboard is void of physical controls. Powering up the Nissan IMk reveals cabin comfort controls and settings with soft glowing icons within the Akagane trim.

Important driving information, such as vehicle speed and navigation directions, appears in “midair” by way of a bezel-less prism display. Customized information is transmitted to the driver via holographic displays.

Nissan unveils IMk concept EV

Interior accent lighting mimics the prism display’s color scheme, depending on the displayed content. The Nissan IMk provides a level of interactivity and personalization because it adding excitement to the driving experience.


Nissan Intelligent Driving

Autonomous functions that enhance driver confidence

The IMk concept represents another step toward fully autonomous driving. It comes with the latest technologies to assist drivers in a wide range of surroundings.

The smartphone-enabled ProPILOT Remote Park quality can automatically start searching for the parking space after you step out of the car. When you’re ready to hit the road again, a simple tap of a button brings the car to you.

Nissan Intelligent Power

Smooth, powerful performance in a small body

Nissan has been a pioneer in EV technology for more than ten years. The Nissan Leaf was the 1st electric car introduced into the mainstream market. And it also remains the world’s best-selling mass-market EV to date.

Nissan Intelligent Integration

Connecting drivers to the world

The IMk keeps occupants constantly and seamlessly plugged in with the latest connectivity technology. A driver can also link to the Nissan IMk with a smartphone to authenticate identity, automatically apply personal settings.

Before leaving on a trip, the Nissan IMk informs the driver of the best departure time via smartphone, taking into consideration variables such as traffic congestion.


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