Nissan X-Trail vs Toyota Harrier

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Both the models Nissan X-Trail vs Toyota Harrier are manufactured by Japan. The manufacturer of such models is from Japan. They are well known for their sturdy yet stylish looks. Here we are going to compare two crossover sports utility vehicles. We are going to have a look at Nissan’s X-trail vs Toyota Harrier.


Both models have been around in the automobile industry since the beginning of the ’90s. They have till the time-released various versions over these years. When you get to know how the refurbished models for the same series released and how popular they are among the car users. So let us have a look at the description of each model to decide which one is better and which one to choose.

Nissan X-trail overview

Nissan X-trail has always maintained its shape like a box over and over the years and very little has changed its shape. Despite so many changes, only a little has been a change. This is a perfect example of an urban vehicle. The look of the car is versatile and has felt in the interiors of this car.


The air conditioning is adjustable. The vehicle has an air conditioning vent in the rear portion of the car. This model comes with a 2.0 liter of the engine. But there are choices for the buyers. You may also opt for 148 or 170 BHP engines. The suspension system of the X trail makes it superior and gives you a smooth ride.

There are hill ascent and descent systems in the car. The suspension and road noises are well contained in it and they do not even reach the cabin. But at the time of traffic, you may feel a bit of a vibration sensation.


Toyota Harrier overview

In the initial years of its production, it was just a double of Lexus RX but with the passage of time, there has been an aesthetic up-gradation and transformation. It basically has two rows to accommodate passengers.


The look is bold and there is a jaw like chrome edged grille projecting outwards. The engine uses smaller displacements for its four-cylinder engines. It utilizes 3.5-liter V6 engines and is available in both hybrid and gas modes.

Nissan X-trail vs Toyota Harrier


When you get to compare these two cars in terms of faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph. you may find that the harrier achieved it in 7.9 seconds while X-trail took 10 seconds for the same thing.


For the Harrier, the maximum allowable weight is 2700 kg. While the X-trail is 2170 kg. This concludes that the harrier can carry more weight.

The X trail has a trunk space of 1773 liters which is approximately 11 % more than Harrier. The towing weight with brakes for the X-trail is also 9% more. X trail has more roof load capacity than Harrier.

Fuel Consumption

The X trail is known to be more fuel-efficient among the two cars. Considering the highways, X-trail provides 5 % less fuel consumption than a harrier. However, within the city, it provides 41% less fuel consumption.

  Interior and Exterior

Nissan X-Trail

Considering the exterior, the Nissan X- Trail has a rugged body structure. It is fitted with numerous styling aspects. Talking about the overall body structure, it is a bit aerodynamic. It has a tough masculine look which is definitely going to flatter the customer out there.


The design with a signature radiator grille is fitted with a typical V-shaped chrome strip. The model is flanked with a well-sculptured headlight cluster. It includes features such as daytime running lights that give a distinct look. The interior of Nissan X-Trail is built luxuriously and has an immense amount of practical aspects in it.


The seating arrangement of the car gives enough leg room along with apt head and shoulder space to all the occupants. You can easily fold the rear seats and it comes with proper lumbar support. The rear seat helps in increasing the boot volume of the car.


The seats of the car are covered with upholstery which adds stylishness to the cabin. The Nissan X-trail is a driver-oriented cockpit and the features in it are easy to access.

Toyota Harrier

  1. 9-speaker JBL audio system is mindblowing. Easily the best in its class. 
  2. 7-inch display in the instrument cluster is a segment first. A brilliant blend of form and function.
  3. ESC-based Terrain Response Modes: Rough Road/Wet. Alters engine/throttle maps to suit the situation.
  4. It is available with a 6-speed torque converter (automatic) gearbox
  5. A Tiptronic transmission is offered in a car where paddle shifters are in the feature list.

As we can notice it is hard to decide amid the giants. They both are best in performance on all the aspects.


It is no wonder that both models are very popular among the masses.

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