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Porsche Cayenne vs Audi Q7

Porsche Cayenne vs Audi Q7 – SUV Cars

Porsche vs Audi

Porsche Cayenne vs Audi Q7- Car Comparison

The touchy ubiquity of SUVs by and large, and of extravagance passages explicitly, implied that it is completely unavoidable we’d line up the recently overhauled 2019 Porsche Cayenne against the Audi Q7. While these altogether different looking SUVs share parts for all intents and purpose—both originate from the indistinguishable parent organization, the Volkswagen Group, and are based on the indistinguishable MLB Evo stage—everyone offers its style.

The Matchup

For one thing, the Audi Q7 is 6 inches bigger than the Porsche Cayenne. That extra length and a 4.0-inch-longer wheelbase help the Q7 bundle a run of the mill third line of seats. And keeping in mind that the roofline doesn’t tighten to flexibly even remotely energetic fastback styling, that long rooftop guarantees that the third column will house real grown-ups with real heads and legs, gave the second-push tenants are obliging and slide their seats forward.

Porsche Cayenne


Porsche‘s engineers did not have to think about the third row of occupants because there’s only room for cargo within the back of the Cayenne. Second-row comfort great and nearly on par with the Q7, which feels wider compared despite actually being a half-inch narrower.

Audi Q7


Be that because it may, the Cayenne’s shorter length brings about less functional space. For those headed on a trip or just to Home Depot, there 27 cubic feet of cargo space, 11 not exactly inside the Q7 when it third section tucked into the ground.

Japan Used Cars


The Audi despite everything can swallow 15 3D shapes of stuff with the entirety of its seats raised. The two vehicles have blown 3.0-liter V-6s mounted under their hoods. The thing that matters is that the Porsche’s motor utilizes a turbocharger and makes 335 pull and 332 lb-ft of torque. rather than a turbo, Audi’s powerplant employs a supercharger to provide 333 ponies and 325 lb-ft.

Audi Q7


Connected to both engines, a ZF eight-speed automatic drive that shifts with the grace and speed of a luxury sedan, but the Audi features a rather older form with a smaller proportion spread and its day of work system mileage inclination increasingly clear.


The transmission seems acutely focused on progressing to top gear as quickly as possible, and downshifts reluctantly called up after your foot has slammed through the floorboard.


The more athletic Porsche not exactly as centered around staying in higher apparatuses, yet it might be found napping and delayed to downshift for passes.

Both powertrains return nearly identical EPA fuel-economy estimates. The Q7 and Cayenne both accomplish 19 mpg within the city cycle and 21 consolidated. With the excellence being their thruway numbers: On the interstate. The EPA says a Cayenne delivers 23 miles for each gallon. While the Audi will travel 25 on an identical amount of fuel. Thrashed mercilessly on the roads, the Porsche averaged 13 mpg to the Audi’s 12.

On the Road

As you may expect, the Porsche is the sportier of those two utes. Tight, responsive, and substantial controlling gives genuine criticism that sports-vehicle drivers will appreciate. Every other person may discover controlling a limited quantity substantially. However, there isn’t any denying its precision and secure feel. The Audi has lighter endeavors and swims not far off absent a lot of dramatization or criticism through the wheel. Both test vehicles rode on discretionary 21-inch wheels wrapped with summer tires including short sidewalls.

Both the Audi and also the Porsche utilize standard all-wheel-drive frameworks to corner with security and hold. The Porsche clung to the skidpad strongly enough to rival some sports cars. 0.94 g versus Audi’s merely decent 0.86 g. Curve the Cayenne into corners, and its grasp. The evenness of its body. And furthermore, the control it offers will have you ever overlook that it’s progressively a 4699-pound rhino than a 911. Both vehicles stop from 70 mph during a solid 160 feet.

Close to the Porsche, the Audi seems to be proficient, if somewhat unexciting. Its 6.1-second zero-to-60-mph time is over a second behind the 386-pound-lighter Porsche. In contrast to the Porsche, the Audi doesn’t recoil after you begin hustling it. It does your bidding, and also the summer tires hang on, which can be over enough for many buyers.

The Inside View

A glance at the decisions list on our specific Cayenne test vehicle clarifies. That is been worked to perform and deal with kind of a game vehicle. There are lots of luxury options to decorate up Porsche’s cabin.

Porsche Cayenne


But our example did not have them. Rather than spending on the adjustable air springs and 21-inch wheels, you may have leather. Wood, and Alcantara dressing up the inside.


Without those options, the fundamental Cayenne cabin looks a small amount dour. And heavy next to Audi’s wood- and leather-filled den of comfort. The Audi’s second row slides and reclines. And also the Q7’s sense of added width makes it an excellent place to sit down.

The Bottom Line

What we’ve here are two different goals achieved on an identical platform. What your objectives are for extravagance SUV possession will determine which of those two is directly for you. In the event that your other vehicle could be a Porsche sports vehicle. And you might want your SUV to claim a relatively recognizable hold and feel. At that point, the Cayenne is a clear decision.

All things considered, the Q7 handles safely enough for 99 percent of the populace. And flaunts great feel when you’re trundling along in rush hour gridlock. Include inside the Q7’s luxurious and open inside. The usable third line, and refined habits, and most purchasers during this section will think that its a strong pick. Drivers that we are, we’re willing to trade a bit versatility for an identical vehicle. That’s way more engaging to work when the mood takes us. Whether or not it’s behind the wheel of a mall-running SUV. That vehicle would be the Porsche.

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