Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Car Dents

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This article is all about some quick and easy ways to remove car dents. Remove dents from the car is such an activity that every common man goes through in its daily life. Even if we are careful enough we always get into wrongly thrown footballs, out-of-nowhere light posts, and other real-life annoyances. Everybody loves their car very much and always try to keep the car in good condition. However, we still come into contact with the dents and always look for the quickest ways to remove dents from the car.


When we have a dent in the car, the first thing that comes into mind is the quick ways to remove dents and get out of this hustle. However, there are repair shops but they charge an exorbitant amount which our pockets don’t allow some time. It is even more costly if they either remove the paint or use body filler.

There are plenty of ways to get out of this dent without even wasting our hard-earned money. However, it is not necessary that all the trick going to work.  It depends upon what your body panel is, hood, or bumper.

Following are the quick and easy ways to remove car dents

Use of plunger

Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Car Dents

With the use of a plunger, it is easy to get out of small to medium-sized dents in the car. We need to just splash a certain amount of water on the plunger as well as the dent and start pushing and pulling until it pops out.

Use Boiling water

Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Car Dents

In case of plastic bumpers and if we try to take off the bumper, it might be difficult to push forward the dent as plastic gets stiff. However, the best way to come out is to use some boiling water in a pot and throwing it on the dent. As soon as we pour water and try to pop up the bump back in. The heat of the water makes it easier to put back into place.

Use of Hairdryer and compressed air


These are the two most popular household products to remove car dents quickly. We just need to start off the car by heating the dent with the hairdryer at the highest temperature. This practice expands the plastic of the car and it starts to contract. This is how the dent will pop out.

Use of dry ice


Dry Ice is one of the most useful tools to get out of small dents from the car. However, it is important to wear safety gloves. Just put a piece of dry ice on the dent and rub it and continue to do until you hear your dent pop back into place.

Use of specialty tool 

If you are not successful with any of the above-mentioned tactics, we can also try pops-a-dent or a suction cup dent remover tool.

If you are inquisitive to try anything but don’t have enough tools at home. The best practice is to grab a dent removal kit that contains all the tools to remove car dents. It is always better to know the best ways possible to get out of such things than to have no knowledge and spend an exorbitant amount.

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