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Released "Premium GX BLACK GEAR" of "NV350 Caravan"

Released “Premium GX BLACK GEAR” of “NV350 Caravan”

Released “Premium GX BLACK GEAR”, a special specification car of “NV350 Caravan”

Nissan Motors will release the special specification car “Premium GX BLACK GEAR” of “NV350 Caravan” all over the country on the 10th.

Released "Premium GX BLACK GEAR" of "NV350 Caravan"

The “Nissan NV350 Caravan” boasts the class No. 1 size and ease of use, boasting a luggage compartment length of 3,050 mm, as well as advanced safety technology such as the “intelligent emergency brake” and a dignified design. Has a high reputation. In addition, it is purchased by a wide range of people, including customers who enjoy leisure and hobbies as well as work use.

Released "Premium GX BLACK GEAR" of "NV350 Caravan"

The “NV350 Caravan Premium GX BLACK GEAR” to be released this time is the first special specification car of the current caravan with the concept of private use. Based on the “Premium GX”, which is a high-end grade of the “NV350 Caravan”, which boasts an overwhelmingly large luggage compartment in the small freight car 4 number van class, for customers with discerning hobbies such as camping, fishing, and bicycles. Incorporated playful specifications for.

Released "Premium GX BLACK GEAR" of "NV350 Caravan"

Body Colors

Three-body colors are available: “Brilliant White Pearl” and “Phantom Black”, including the new “Stealth Gray”, which is the exclusive color for the “NV350 Caravan Premium GX BLACK GEAR”. As the name of “BLACK GEAR” suggests, the exterior uses a “dark gray metal grille” with black-based decoration, door mirrors, and door handles. The fog lights and door mirrors are accented with orange decoration that gives a sporty impression. It is also equipped with high-class 15-inch aluminum wheels. The interior is based on black, which is the first for the NV350 Caravan, and the intro, glove box, door trim, floor mat, etc. are also black, including the “piano black-style decorative steering wheel” and “piano black-style instrument shift finisher.” Unified. As with the exterior, the double stitching around the air conditioner outlet and the driver’s and passenger’s seats is accented with an orange accent.

In addition, advanced safety technology “Intelligent Around View Monitor (with moving object detection function)” and “SRS airbag + pre-tensioner seatbelt with 2 stage load limiter” are standard equipment to improve safety. I will.



UseDriveBody lengthBody widthRoof ShapeFloorCapacityGradeDoorEngineMission
Long bodyStandardStandard RoofLow FloorFivePremium GX BLACK GEARFiveQR20DE

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