Ro-Ro ships and Container ships

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Ro-Ro ships and Container shipments are the most popular options for transportation from overseas. If a person ever decides to import a car from overseas. Ro-Ro ships and Container ships are the best options available to import Japan used cars.


These options are available at the time of importation. If we are not versed in the import process, we cannot be familiar with the differences. It is pertinent to know the difference between them.

Ro-Ro Ships

These are the ships that are specifically for carriage of wheel cargo.  Ro-Ro ships are basically cargo ships. They consist of inbuilt ramps which are useful to load and unload all types of vehicles. Ro-Ro ships are also known as car carriers.

Ro-Ro ships and Container ships

Ships are in use since the 19th century and are considered as the most convenient and affordable means of transportation. Because of ramps, it becomes easier for the vehicles onto them after which they keep vehicles to build in-car decks. Chances of any sort of damage and risk-reducing.

Types of Ro-Ro Ships

Due to vast technological advancements, there are varieties of Ro-Ro Ships available:

Pure Car Carrier (PCC): These ships are useful in the transportation of cars only. So, if one needs to import a car from overseas, it is a good option.

Pure Car and truck carrier (PCTC): These ships are useful in the transportation of heavy vehicles such as trucks, and other heavy vehicles.

Container Vessel + Ro-Ro (ConRo): These ships are a combination of both container and Ro-Ro Ships. They are colossal ships and generally have a weight of over 50,000 DWT. (Dead Weight Tons)

General Cargo + Ro-Ro Ships (GenRo): These are ships with some of the features of Ro-Ro Ships. They are usually smaller and carry up to 30000 DWT.

RoPax: They are popularly known as ferries. They not only transport cars but also provide accommodation for passengers.

Complete Ro-Ro Ships: These are the ships mainly useful in high seas. They are suitable for transporting cargo weighing around 40000 DWT.

Container Ships

There is another way of transporting a car overseas through container shipment. They are available in different variants in terms of sizes. Accordingly, they can transport a car of any size or type. Though they don’t carry the same features that Ro-Ro carries. Therefore, they carefully load cars and secure using chocks and straps.

Ro-Ro ships and Container ships

The best part of these ships is they are the utmost useful for transporting personal belonging. They are useful for transporting spare parts and accessories. The ships are colossal and are giant enough to carry along with car different accessories. They can also carry multiple cars.

Though they are not as convenient as Ro-Ro ships they also carry different advantages. The biggest advantage is its geographical coverage. Unlike Ro-Ro ships they can virtually take the car in any location and anywhere in the world. They can carry up to 16000 Containers.

Both vehicles have certain benefits, so what to choose or not is a matter of personal choice. It is better to avail of the best suiting the priorities and choices.

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