Rolls Royce Ghost Vs Mitsuoka Nouera

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Rolls Royce Ghost vs Mitsuoka Nouera: Luxurious cars have their own feel, class, standard, and performance level. Suppose if they prove to have so many qualities, then what about those who are constructed at an upgraded level! Yes, there are many companies who put their efforts to make the cars super luxurious for the customers. Apart from the other qualities, even the look seems to be luxury that people start to admire those options. Though they come in a higher range, still those who love to feel the presence of luxury purchase them. There are a bunch of things to say about this segment. But, one of the motives of this blog is to describe and compare two luxurious cars from different companies.


Those who have high regard for such cars can enjoy the battle between the two. But firstly, let’s identify the name of both the units. Here we have the Ghost from Rolls Royce and its opponent is Nouera from Mitsuoka. Maybe some people are familiar either with both the companies and their units. Still, to elevate the knowledge of our readers, we will try to bring some useful information related to them. So, let’s initiate the battle of the two super-sedan cars, i.e., Rolls Royce Ghost vs Mitsuoka Nouera.

Rolls Royce Ghost

About the Company

The company Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited stands as the maker of a luxury automobile. Established in the year 1998, it was owned by the BMW. In that year, BMW has licensed the right to its brand name and logo from Rolls-Royce Holdings plc. Also, it obtained the rights to the Rolls-Royce grille shape and Spirit of Ecstasy trademarks from Volkswagen AG. In the year 2003, the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars started manufacturing of its branded cars. Though, the brand of Rolls-Royce is acquired in 1906.


One more interesting thing to keep in mind regarding the units of Rolls Royce is that they are hand-made. And it takes a sum of some months to complete the assembling of a single car. Currently, the company is producing different units under the luxurious segment. Out of which, Ghost will be our major point of attraction in the below section.

About Ghost

In the year 2006, the company announced that it will manufacture a four-door sedan named Ghost. The term “Ghost” is used in the honor of the Silver Ghost, which was the first car manufactured in 1906. When the making of this car was under process, the name was defined as RR04. One of the purposes of making the ghost was to make it a more measured and realistic car. You can identify it as a smaller version of the Phantom, which is one of the segments of the company. But, the Ghost was kept under the lower price category for Rolls-Royce models.



By looking at any model of the Rolls Royce, people can get impressed. But, if we particularly talk about its Ghost, many people would recommend it as ‘Wow’. It is due to the typical styling that remarks on the company’s status. From the front side till the back one, you can identify the feel of the word luxury. When it moves on to the road, you can find something special. But even if it stands stationary, people can feel its visual luxury appearance. The blistering headlights enhance the glow of the face and also assist in various road conditions. And what to say about the body-work, it mentions the work of perfect paint applied by the craftspeople.



Those who have experienced the inside view of the Ghost know the class which represents in the interior side. A spacious seating space with enhanced comfort encourages this machine finely. Also, a quiet cabin enables the person to relax, wherever the journey takes place. The seats are designed in such a way that it can assist the seating person to provide adequate comfort. Overall, this is a presentation from the Rolls Royce which people love to have under their name.

Performance & Specifications

You can identify one of the outstanding outcomes by the Rolls Royce in the form of this car. This machine proves to be responsive and dynamic. People who drive this car have a better idea about its power.


There is a powerful 6.6 L N74B66 V12-T engine with 8-speed 8HP90 automatic transmission. Talking about the wheelbase, it covers around 130 inches and holds a length of about 212 inches.


Its height contains 61 inches and the width proves to be around 76.7 inches. Those who want to know about its curb weight, it almost touches 2,500 kg.


One interesting thing to know is that the Rolls Royce doesn’t sell its cars to anyone who can buy. Yes, you have read it right. Rolls Royce is such a renowned company in the market that sells its cars to the one they like. For example, you can see businessmen, celebrities, and other famous personalities. The fact is that you can’t buy a scintillating new model of their product, you have to earn it. But, if you’re willing to buy a used Rolls Royce Ghost, we have the availability of it. So, you can manage to bring the used one from our side.

Mitsuoka Nouera

About the Company

It proves to be a small Japanese company that contains the specialty to bring unique cars in the market. There are several units to see from Mitsuoka’s side whose design stands as different from other usual cars. This company is also identified as the 10th Japanese auto firm to be indexed in Japan since Honda in 1963.


According to the company perspective, they don’t simply consider a car as an industrial product. Instead, they focus on the individuality of the car. Mitsuoka is also a company that believes to construct their car hand-made. The company only produces a single or two units in a day. And one of the outcomes of their statement can be seen in the form of their car mentioning below.

About Nouera

It proves to be a mid-size saloon from the company. This 4-door saloon model is based on the Accord unit of Honda. Here, some modifications are brought by the company in both the front and rear sides. Like, there is an addition of a chrome grille and twin circular headlamps. With its help, the car achieves a better English look. On the backside, differently shaped rear lights are used by Mitsuoka. There are three different models that the company introduced in the form of Nouera. They were Nouera 20ST, Nouera 20LX, and Nouera 24 LX.


The streamlined design of this car produced a sense of comfort. The first-generation car, which was introduced in the year 2004, contains a modified look of the Honda Accord. But, the way in which Mitsuoka has brought the alterations looks classy and impressive. One more model, the 6-02, which was introduced in the year 2008, is a modified version of the Toyota Corolla Axio. In this version too, various modifications took place to enhance the glow from outside. When the company initiates the work of constructing a car, they cover it with coating. And they repeat the same process when the work ends. By repeating this process, a simple material gets converted into a brilliant work of art.



With enhancing the pleasure of looks and performance, the company also notices to bring a scintillating interior inside their cars. The interior, as obvious, is luxurious and delivers a magnificent environment inside. The relaxed seats are present to deliver a less-tired journey. Along with that, various facilities are provided in terms of the driver to assist him with a better touch.

Performance and Specifications

Talking about the 20ST and 20LX models, you can see FWD or 4WD facility. And there is a 2.0 L DOHC i-VTEC engine. On the other side, the 24LX model contains only FWD containing 2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC engine. There is a 5-speed automatic transmission to see in the Nouera. The car has a wheelbase of approx 105 inches. You can see the length as nearly 191 inches and there is a width of 69 inches.

Identifying the Superior One

Luxurious cars having an increased standard contain a variety of things for the talk. We shared a lot of information regarding both the cars and their companies to assist you nicely. Now, one of the important things that come in front of us is the choice between these two.

Is the Ghost Better Than Nouera?

Both (Rolls Royce Ghost vs Mitsuoka Nouera) of them have contributed their role in the segment of luxurious sedans. Rolls-Royce, as well as Mitsuoka, makes an effort to manufacture their cars by hand. This is one of the superior things that they contain. But still, there are some standards on which we can identify the Rolls Royce’s Ghost as finer than Mitsuoka’s Nouera. Like, the company has its strict norms that they don’t sell new cars to people who like to purchase them. Instead, the company only shows interest to give those in which they’re interested. That’s a big thing to notice.

Mitsuoka, however, is a dedicated and good manufacturer of luxury cars. But when we look at Nouera, its models are said to be the modified versions of Honda and Toyota’s units. Maybe this is one of those aspects on which people can observe. But, whatever the thing is, our work is to provide the suggestion. Remember that the final decision always rests on your side. If you want to take anyone between the Rolls Royce Ghost vs Mitsuoka Nouera, we can help you. Our services are present to provide a deal of used cars so you could bring home a new surprise.

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