Salvage Vehicles From Japan

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Japan’s a great place to get Japanese salvage cars, trucks, and vans for Dismantling, Repairing, or Rebuilding.


These types of Salvage Grade Vehicles are available from Japan Auto Auctions, Dismantlers, Wholesalers, and directly from End Users throughout Japan.

Crash Damaged Vehicles:

Salvage Vehicles From Japan

Because of high repair costs and high rates of depreciation in Japan, insurance companies will often write off wrecked vehicles with relatively little damage.

This sometimes means that late-model damaged vehicles can be sourced for a fraction of their new price, providing suitable stock for repair or dismantling for export markets.

Mechanical Failure Vehicles

Salvage Vehicles From Japan

Light suspension damage from running into a ditch, engine problems, or a faulty transmission or differential can sometimes be enough to write-off a car. These salvage vehicles may be suitable for repair or as a source of valuable front panels and other parts.

Electrical Failure Vehicles

Electrical failure and even minor burn damage can sometimes be enough to write-off a car. These damaged vehicles may be suitable for repair or as a source of valuable front panels and other parts.

Water Damaged Vehicles

Salvage Vehicles From Japan

Heavy rains and localized flooding mean regular supplies of water-damaged vehicles. These water damaged vehicles can provide a good source of late-model front panels, transmissions, etc.

High Kilometre Vehicles

Once vehicles approach or exceed 100,000 kilometers demand for them in the Japanese domestic used vehicle market usually reduce fastly. At this point, vehicle salvage value for parts or rebuilding can be higher than their value as a roadgoing car in Japan.

Manufacturers Evaluation Vehicles

Japan’s vehicle and component manufacturers are continually evaluating their own and competitors’ products.

Japanese auto companies make components and these components assemble in cars by Japanese and non-Japanese manufacturers throughout the world. Japan automobile manufacturers will also import competitors products from overseas for evaluation.

In some instances, evaluation is little more than build evaluation or computer monitoring of certain components in normal running conditions. Hence, many of the vehicles are current shape low kilometer vehicles in near new condition.

These vehicles go through an evaluation and they are releases on the basis that they cannot be re-register in Japan, in other words, you can get them for a fraction of their new car value. We are able to source a limited number of these fabulous vehicles as they become available. Also, rules will sometimes apply to how these vehicles can be exported.

Stolen & Recovered Vehicles

However, stolen vehicles are sometimes disposed of as salvage grade vehicles after they have been recovered by the police. Thus, they will often have minor damage such as broken locks.

So, a stolen vehicle register identifies stolen vehicles that have not been recovered in order to easily identify them should they be offered for sale.

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