Screw up your Car by Doing These

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Screw up your Car by Doing These: Some people don’t really understand that they have poor driving habits until they end up at the mechanic shop with a bill in front of them. Certainly, some bad driving habits can really screw up a car. This bad habit cost the vehicle owner a lot of money in transmission replacements and auto repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. Save yourself from these costly mistakes by following these serious driving mistakes.


Car a Fragile Animal

It’s almost a living thing. We are so much attuned to our car. It’s a part of us and our lifestyle. Yet at times like many living beings in our life, we take it for granted. 

That being a sad story for everything and everybody; Is as much for you, as much you care for it – even in inanimate things and systems like your car. This is not a pithy, but mere observations notings. And in spite of its weight, it’s iron and hard body, and its sturdy look, the car stays a rather fragile system. Needing care and attention!

Oil in Engine

Engine without oil would mean a body without blood. And like blood, it needs to be cleaned or refreshed. The basic function of oil/ engine oil is not merely lubrication. It is also to collect all the dirt and water off the engine over time. And in the process, the oil itself turns no good. So the oil change. 

As a rule of thumb, the oil needs be changed every 3000 kilometers or three months whichever happens earlier. But possibly the size or freeze of the engine is much far away from this noted threshold. 

But the gnawing reality being that the engine is the heart of the vehicle; Poor engine oil maintenance is thus the willing road to the engine’s heart attack!

Imbalance Car Racing

Cars are travel vehicles. Taking you places in comfort and safety. And at times we need to speed also. But extra racing and continuous extra racing puts a drag on the suspension, the braking mechanism, and on the overall engine. Thus driving cars over the recommended torque, is as much driving a heart on steroids. Gets you that extra thrill, but the long term effects are excess wear and tear.

Overall it is a fact that engines by their size, their power, and fuel consumption parameters, are each defined with specific performance parameter ranges. After all, if you turn out to be a compulsive racer, then it’s the race tracts and not the roads for you.

Modify to Damnation

Car modification are rampant. Self-declared experts and on their own engineers hitting for the big time are taking all the changes here. That being their issue the matter remains, that their experimental engineering, is at the cost and risk of our vehicles. Artificially increasing the torque or race of an engine, by some modification or attachment; Gets you that extra power and zing, But in the long term the engine becomes unreliable and more prone to breakdowns. 

Driving Caution

The driving style remains one great contributor to the car’s longevity. Here a cautious driver scores much above a carefree one. Braking carefully, cruising to brake, throttle as required, avoiding the idle paly of the throttle, and making the car use most of the road banking, sighting distance benefit and judicious use of the clutch. 

Also being that extra careful at the bends, and in the crowded by streets.

The rash one buzzing past at his own peril, where the cautious one peddles his caution that extra fore. All for the long term benefit of the car’s life.

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