Sliding Car Doors- Pros and Cons

Sliding Car Doors- Pros and Cons

Sliding Car Doors- Pros and Cons

Car doors are around as long as cars. Since people rarely search for inspiration from what they see in their neighboring. Thus primary cars get their influence from horse carriage design. So, the car doors inherit most of the features of the horse-carriage doors and these remain in use for a longer period of time.

There are certain cars that have doors known as suicide doors. These are just standard hinge doors with the only difference that they open on the other side. The name of the door has nothing to do with safety issues. Though the name is dreadful it does not bother safety issues and standards.

Almost all, after world war –II, the design of the car is standard.  As and when the ventures are evolving into the uncharted territories found to be rare until and unless modern cars are developing.

Change in time leads to change in design

When different designs are in use, generally there comes a rule that a singular door design comes at a high price. This simply means if primary cars that consist of unconventional doors come within the ambit of the higher price range. The manufacturers who produce sports cars tend to experiment a lot with the designs. They try to make the car stylish yet robust. The experiment taking into mind the future demands such as butterfly doors, scissor doors, or canopy doors.

The design does not found their way into the lives of a layman or normal family car driver. These doors are generally for a commercial point of view. For the purpose of generating revenue and people who can spend a large amount of money. For a normal family man, it is difficult for him to even understand the features. Here comes the role of sliding doors that bring a revolutionary change in the car manufacturing industry.

At this generation, sliding doors are famous for space and maneuverability. Today, sliding doors are a synonym for space and maneuverability. They are the most attractive part of the car. Those who are very much into sliding doors do not challenge its practicability. But there are certain people as well who think just the opposite.

This door design simply cannot break through and reach other car market segments. There are pros and there are cons of sliding doors.

Pros of sliding doors

There is generally more space which is one of the positive things in a car. When loading and unloading is concerned, sliding doors are just perfect. If loading and unloading are done often, it is always better to prefer a car with sliding doors.

When it comes to parking and maneuverability, sliding doors are best suitable. In the places where there are parking issues, there is no need to worry about scratch or dents on the car.

Sliding doors cons

A higher production price might be an honest enough reason for more cars not generally consist of sliding doors. Unlike the quality ones, sliding doors run on a machine that is more demanding when it involves maintenance and installation.

When the car’s design is flat and not dull, it becomes easy to fit the slide doors. If there is a slight change in design, it can make the price of cars rise high. Some people believe that having a car with four doors beneficial or they simply consider the sliding doors as unattractive.

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