Steps to Avoid Car Fire

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In this article, we will briefly discuss the steps to avoid car fire. A car fire is nowadays is one of the most popular news. Though they also manifest the steps to avoid fire loopholes still remain. A Large number of the population lose their lives due to car fire. If one is diligent and has diligent eyes one can easily prevent himself or herself from such deadly accidents that happen due to car fire if one follows the necessary steps to avoid car fire.


There are certain steps to avoid car fire:

Safe Driving: It is the simplest step to follow. If we do not drive recklessly, we not only save our life but the other co-passenger sitting with us. Always have an eagle eye while driving because a small mistake can be the biggest guilt. Also, a small mistake can shorten your car’s life. If there is any other disastrous thing happens on the way, ensure a safe distance from such things.

Steps to Avoid Car Fire

Car Cleaning: It is vital to keep the car clean and remove all unwanted debris or waste that might welcome fire. As such kind of trash can allow a fire to turn fire out of control. Especially during hot summers, the interior of the car can go extremely hot that they can catch fire soon. Moreover, they release toxic chemicals that are hazardous to health and life.


Be Stringent while installing aftermath products: Sometimes most of the car catches fire due to the installation of aftermath products. Just like the stereo system which creates a network of wires. If the wires get tangled and even a simple crack can lead to potential inflammation. While installing any product, always hire a professional mechanic who can check the installations satisfactorily.

Periodic Maintenance: Periodic maintenance is the best way to avoid car fire be it mechanical fire or electric fire. It also helps you to avoid unnecessary costs. Fuel lines require a lot of attention. It becomes important to check whether the fuel line is cracked or not.

Always necessary to check the following:

  1. Brake fluid
  2. Engine Oil
  3. Power Steering Fluid
  4. Antifreeze levels
  5. Coolant

If you do not aware of it, it is pertinent to read the car manual and instructions carefully to avoid any accidents.

Never carry inflammable:

The inflammable substances must not be present in the car. It is better to avoid and do not bring in the car. If one wants to carry, then prefer a sealed container and keep windows open. 

Maintain Car battery:

Not always fuel lines are the only reason for a car fire. If a battery is not well maintained, it can turn into a potential hazard. When we constantly charge the battery, it releases hydrogen. If it gets clubbed with inflammable liquids in the engine, it can easily spark a fire.

Carry Fire Extinguisher:

There are different varieties of car fire extinguishers available in the market. However, one must best suitable for their car. By going through research and review in the market, one can easily get the desired extinguisher.

Basically, for a Car fire, Dry powder or foam spray extinguishers are the best because they can douse almost any type of car. Some prefer safety equipment like flares or reflectors or install smoke detectors as well.

If car fire breaks out, do the following simple steps:

  1. Stop the car at a safe location
  2. Release hood lock
  3. Exit car carefully along with others
  4. Step backward approx. 150 steps away from the car
  5. Call the emergency number at 119
  6. Warn others, if going the same side where fire may occur.

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