Subaru Announces Production, Sales, and Export for October 2020

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Subaru Corporation Announces Production, Japan Sales and Export Results
for October 2020 (Flash Report)!!


October 2020

Subaru Announces Production, Sales, and Export for October 2020

Subaru Announces Production

  • Firstly, domestic production increased as the production of the Subaru XV and other models increased.
  • Secondly, overseas production decreased as the production of the Impreza and other models decreased.

Sales in Japan

  • Sales in Japan increased, led mainly by strong demand for the Subaru XV.

Exports from Japan

  • Exports increased due to increased shipments of the Subaru XV and other models.

Subaru Corporation

Subaru automotive business known for the Subaru brand: Ever since the launch of the Subaru 360 in 1958, we have continually pursued to offer vehicles with outstanding safety and driving performance in a variety of driving conditions as well as intelligent packaging. However, this concept is shared by every vehicle Subaru makes, and it was with this mindset that Subaru developed its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. So, Subaru has Symmetrical AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) features a symmetrically-laid-out drive train with Subaru’s compact, low-center-of-gravity horizontally-opposed “Boxer” engine positioned in line with it.

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