Subaru Ascent vs Chevrolet Traverse

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Subaru vs Chevrolet

Subaru Ascent vs Chevrolet Traverse- Car Comparison


The Subaru SUVs are known far and wide for his or her quality, capability, safety, and overall fun nature. So, when Subaru introduced the Ascent in 2019, it took the planet of three-row SUVs by storm. We’re proud to hold the Subaru Ascent at Shingle Springs Subaru, and that we understand if you wish to move right certain a test drive! But we also understand that comparing your options is an element of the car-buying process. Therewith as a top priority, we’ve contrasted the 2020 Subaru Ascent with the 2020 Chevy Traverse here. Know more by reading below before heading to the dealership.


The Chevrolet Traverse does indeed have more interior volume than the 2020 Subaru Ascent. However, the Ascent still has a formidable amount of interior space: 153.5 cubic feet of passenger volume and a maximum cargo space of up to 86.5 cubic feet. Furthermore, you will find that Subaru keeps your comfort in mind during a way that Chevy doesn’t.

Chevrolet Traverse


For instance, both SUVs offer heated front seats, heated second-row seats, and ventilated front seats. Be that as it may, warmed front seats are standard on about the passage level Subaru Ascent; to invite them inside the Chevy Traverse, you’ll have to overhaul a few trim levels.

Subaru Ascent


Also, you’ll pay more to initiate a Traverse with ventilated front seats and warmed second-column seats than a likewise prepared Subaru Ascent. the identical thing is true after you have a look at features like power-adjustable driver’s seats, leather upholstery, and other comfort features.

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Though the Chevy Traverse includes a more powerful engine, the engine within the 2020 Subaru Ascent includes a strong advantage because of its BOXER® layout.

Subaru Ascent


Dissimilar to the V6 inside the Chevrolet Traverse, the SUBARU BOXER® motor inside the Subaru Ascent is on a level plane contradicted, with a level structure that grants it to be put low within the engine compartment.


Additionally to improving the SUV’s center of gravity, this engine also becomes a valuable part of the quality Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system.


While every 2020 Subaru Ascent comes standard with this AWD system, the Chevy Traverse may be a front-wheel-drive vehicle.


Sure, all-wheel drive is an available upgrade, but not on the bottom trim level.

Safety Ratings

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is one in every of the foremost trusted voices in automotive safety, and it releases its list of Top Safety Picks annually.

Chevrolet Traverse


The 2020 Subaru Ascent got the 2020 Top Safety Pick grant from IIHS, stamping it in a show of the most secure vehicles out and about.


The 2020 Chevy Traverse did not make the highest Safety Picklist. Furthermore, the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse earned only four stars within the Frontal Crash category of safety testing performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), while the 2020 Subaru Ascent received an ideal five stars in this category.


Driver Assistance Technology

Subaru vehicles are known for his or her safety, and also the 2020 Ascent is not any exception. Every new Ascent comes with EyeSight® driver assistance technology. The adaptive controller helps you retain a secure distance from other vehicles, while the Lane Departure/Sway Warning and Lane Keep Assist features make it easy to remain where you wish to be. There’s also Pre-collision Braking, which might help mitigate accidents or avoid them altogether. you will find of these features within the Chevy Traverse, too–or, to be more precise, in some Chevy Traverse models. These features aren’t available in any respect within the base trim level, or maybe the one above that. Also, the Subaru Ascent offers an available feature you will not find on any Chevy Traverse: LED Steering Responsive Headlights that turn together with your vehicle to boost visibility.


While the Subaru Ascent is costlier than the bottom Chevy Traverse, that base trim truly is basic. It lacks several features that come standard within the Ascent, from all-wheel drive to adaptive controller. Furthermore, available upgrades tend to be more cost-effective within the Subaru Ascent than they’re within the Chevy Traverse.


You’ll be making about the undefined number of stops at the service station with the Chevrolet Navigate as you’ll with the Subaru Rising, as they’re both prepared to travel similarly distances on a tank of gas.


There are lots of things to contemplate when calculating the general cost of a vehicle. the most consideration is that the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The Chevrolet Traverse is to some degree costlier than the Subaru Ascent. Another thought is that the Destination Charge, which might be a standard charge for moving the vehicle to the vendor from where it’s manufactured.


Since the Chevrolet Traverse is far wider than the Subaru Ascent, finding a good enough spot during an automobile parking space could also be a small amount tougher. for a few people, bigger is best. In the event that that is the situation for you, at that point, you will be more joyful with the Chevrolet Traverse, which is marginally longer than the Subaru Ascent.


The Chevrolet Traverse incorporates a bigger turning sweep than the Subaru Ascent, making it marginally harder to move all through difficult situations.


In terms of seating, you will be able to fit about the identical number of individuals in both the Chevrolet Traverse and also the Subaru Ascent. The Chevrolet Traverse includes a roomier storage area for putting your bags or other items than the Subaru Ascent.

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