Sumitomo Forklift vs Nichiyu Forklift

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Sumitomo Forklift vs Nichiyu Forklift- Useful forklift trucks.


A forklift (also named forklift truck, lift truck, fork hoist, jitney, and fork truck) is a technical truck used to move and lift goods within the short area. The Invention of the Fork lifters happened in the 20th century. The utilization and development of the forklift truck have greatly expanded worldwide. Forklifts became an imperative piece of kit in manufacturing and warehousing.

Sumitomo Forklift

Sumitomo NACCO Forklift Co., Ltd. has been providing forklift trucks and other handling equipment to their respective customers in Japan and overseas markets since 1970. For the amount of those 45 years, they need to continue the expansion based upon “SUMITOMO SPLIT” which holds trust in high esteem.


Sumitomo’s mission is to contribute their respective customers as a reliable partner by getting near the customer site and providing customer satisfaction through valued products, service, and knowledge. To still be a valued partner, Sumitomo will unite its force to hearing the customer’s voice and realizing the customer value.

Sumitomo is currently concentrating to develop technology for battery-powered forklifts with better energy efficiency. In recent years, the high efficient IPM motor has been installed on the reach truck “QuaPro-R”, and also the dual battery (Lead-Acid + Li-Ion batteries) truck “QuaPro-B Dual” has been introduced into the market.

For the longer term, Sumitomo aims at a challenging company with higher quality and faster speed on every activity to Sumitomo’s customers.

Electric Forklift Trucks Counter Type


The forklift ought to be usable for an extended time, accomplishing the more noteworthy degree of business goal, and offering more secure activity.

Here are some important features:

Long Time Long Life: Responded customers’ desire for “long operable time” “long life” sort of a battery-driven vehicle inescapable from the recharging work. This forklift is amicable to the overall condition attempting to bring by the vitality sparing and furthermore the high operable limit.

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Stability & Smoothness: Sumitomo believes the soundness as if the machine sticks to the bottom, is superb fundamental performance results in the highly efficient site.

Wellbeing: QuaPro-B could make sure about the insurance of the administrator as well as can be furnished with the framework that creates all laborers of the circumstance that could feel being secured.

FB 3.5-4.0 ton

Battery forklift beyond the range. The high-tech power and operability.

Here are some important features:

Productivity: Rugged power, nimble footwork, and excellent controllability. Consolidating the latest in hardware innovation, SUMITOMO’s new scope of three.5-4.0 ton huge electric forklifts can deal with substantial burdens and gigantic, lumbering great easily and dependability.

Comfortability: it’s all the features needed for comforts on the duty like an open step for straightforward access, Adjustable seat, Tilt-adjustable wheel, Heavy-duty head guard, and Auto power-off then on.

Electric Forklift Trucks Stand-on Reach Type


Reach forklift has achieved a high feature both smooth turn and energy saving.

Here are some important features:

Smooth Turn: The pole structure, withdrawing reach, and gadget format has experienced significant corrections while guaranteeing the wheelbase and furthermore the lodge space of the past.

Vitality Saving: QuaPro-R is that the primary reach-type forklift model to receive an IPM engine which might be a drive engine motor. A discount on the power consumption cost of 24% compared to our previous models has been achieved by reducing power consumption.

Human Sensible: The creeping capacity of the QuaPro-R during movement and load taking care of has been completely amended to acknowledge unconstrained activity in light of the administrator’s expectations. Emerged the manipulative inclination carefully mirroring the administrator’s brain.


So, reach Forklift pursued a snug operation.

Here are some important features:

Comfortable: Comfortable operation during a wide selection from powerful to delicate is assured by the most utilization of the characteristics of smooth rotation of an AC motor. Additionally, the machine acknowledges brilliant financial productivity by the Regenerative System of the AC Controller.

Safety: Travel and cargo handling operations locked while the operator away. However, the nearness or non-nearness of the administrator distinguished by the riding sensor; activity from outside the forklift bolted in any event when the mystery is on. While the load handling operations are locked, the lift-down operation is locked.

Nichiyu Forklift

Nichiyu Forklifts is a certified dealer. So, their goal is to produce the most effective customer service and support for these innovative and reliable products.


The advantage they create to their respective Customer partnerships is that the deep understanding of both, forklifts and storage systems. So, this permits Nichiyu to produce solid advice that produces a true difference to their customers’ choices and outcomes.

Nichiyu Order Picker RBC7

This Forklift comes with a shorter wheelbase that offers an incredibly tight turning degree and flexibility. However, incorporating the SICOS-AC framework, controlled by the NICHIYU-spearheaded AC engine innovation, the NICHIYU RBC Order Picker gives smooth and all the more remarkable activity.

Nichiyu Multi Directional Reach Truck FBRO10

The NICHIYU All-directional Stand-on Reach Forklift Truck, the FBRO MULTI arrangement is that a definitive arrangement space and vitality sparing proficiency. Certainly, it outfitted with the SICOS-AC framework, controlled by the NICHIYU-spearheaded AC engine innovation, MULTI conveys unrivaled execution as far as increasing speed, voyaging and lifting speed.

Nichiyu Sit-On Reach Truck FBRF16

The new NICHIYU FBRF arrangement exceeds expectations at three things: quick travel, high lift ability and minimized structure for best and vitality and space-sparing proficiency, with solid wellbeing.

However, the FBRF Reach Sit-on forklifts fuelled by AC engine innovation, spearheaded by NICHIYU. Also, it gives smooth and ground-breaking development and lifting. Combined with the re-designed chassis, enhanced mast rigidity, and also the tillable integral side shifter, the FBRF series offers unmatched stability for load handling at up to seven meters height without capacity reduction.

Nichiyu Stand-on Reach Truck FBR9

The NICHIYU electric Reach Stand-on Forklift FBR series intended for the very best performance in agility and energy- and space-saving efficiency. Finally, with the tiniest turning radius of any reach forklift, electrical power steering, and automatic mechanical system. So, the FBR forklifts deliver superior maneuverability and stability. On the other hand, it outfitted with the remarkable SICOS-AC PC framework, fuelled by the NICHIYU. Spearheaded AC engine innovation, FBR arrives at forklifts offer uncommon operational abilities as far as increasing speed.

Nichiyu Counterbalance Forklift – 3-Wheel FBT13

Certainly, the NICHIYU FBT Counterbalance 3-Wheel electric forklift series intended for agility and efficiency. So, with additional dependability highlights for upgraded wellbeing, this profoundly adaptable and trustworthy forklift can work inside and outside. However, in practically any climate, taking care of the scope of obligations including stacking. Thus, it emptying merchandise, line taking care of, stacking, request picking, and level vehicle.

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