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Sumitomo Machinery: All Forklifts

Sumitomo Machinery: All Forklifts

Sumitomo Machinery

Sumitomo Machinery was established in 1888 as a shop when it began fabricating and fixing apparatus and utilized devices. Since then, they have grown in line with the event of society and industry.

Today, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is an extensive hardware creator that fabricates products beginning from general apparatus and propelled accuracy hardware to development hardware, ships, and natural plant offices.

History of Sumitomo Machinery


In 1952:- As Japan grew in economic importance, Sumitomo Shoji established a number of foreign offices. Products handled by the company soon included iron and steel, electrical and industrial equipment, fuel, agricultural and marine products.

In 1959:- Sumitomo began to develop asphalt pavers for the Japanese domestic market.

In 1990:- Sumitomo machinery started the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products.

Electric Forklift Trucks Counter Type



However, the forklift ought to be usable for an extended time, accomplishing the more noteworthy degree of business goal, and offering more secure activity.

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Here are some important features:

  1. Long Time Long Life – Responded customers’ desire for “long operable time” “long life” sort of a battery-driven vehicle inescapable from the recharging work. This forklift is amicable to the overall condition attempting to bring by the vitality sparing and furthermore the high operable limit.
  2. Stability & Smoothness – However, Sumitomo believes the soundness as if the machine sticks to the bottom, is superb fundamental performance results in the highly efficient site.
  3. Wellbeing – QuaPro-B could make sure about the insurance of the administrator as well as can be furnished with the framework that creates all laborers of the circumstance that could feel being secured.

FB 3.5-4.0 ton

Battery forklift beyond the range. The high-tech power and operability.

Here are some important features:

  1. Productivity – Rugged power, nimble footwork, and excellent controllability. So, consolidating the latest in hardware innovation, SUMITOMO’s new scope of three.5-4.0 ton huge electric forklifts can deal with substantial burdens and gigantic, lumbering great easily and dependability.
  2. Comfortability – it’s all the features needed for comforts on the duty like an open step for straightforward access, Adjustable seat, Tilt-adjustable wheel, Heavy-duty head guard, and Auto power-off then on.

Electric Forklift Trucks Stand-on Reach Type


However, reach forklift has achieved a high feature both smooth turn and energy saving.

Here are some important features:

  1. Smooth Turn – The pole structure, withdrawing reach, and gadget format have experienced significant corrections while guaranteeing the wheelbase and furthermore the lodge space of the past.
  2. Vitality Saving – QuaPro-R is that the primary reach-type forklift model to receive an IPM engine which might be a drive engine motor. A discount on the power consumption cost of 24% compared to our previous models achieved by reducing power consumption.
  3. Human Sensible – The creeping capacity of the QuaPro-R during movement and load taking care of completely amended to acknowledge unconstrained activity in light of the administrator’s expectations. Emerged the manipulative inclination carefully mirroring the administrator’s brain.


Reach Forklift pursued a snug operation.

Here are some important features:

  1. Comfortable – Comfortable operation during a wide selection from powerful to delicate is assured by the most utilization of the characteristics of smooth rotation of an AC motor. Additionally, the machine acknowledges brilliant financial productivity by the Regenerative System of the AC Controller.
  2. Safety – Travel and cargo handling operations locked while the operator is away. The nearness or non-nearness of the administrator distinguished by the riding sensor. Activity from outside the forklift bolted in any event when the mystery is on. While the load handling operations locked, the lift-down operation locked.

Sumitomo Machinery- Other Models

Sumitomo Excavator


The specially designed bucket tops the class 0.38 m3. So, a greater workload drastically increases work speed and construction efficiency. In addition to the larger bucket, a more powerful boom hydraulic improve the performance of loading operations as well as working at close proximity. Introducing a new feel to every aspect of work performance by the excavator.

Sumitomo Asphalt Paver


As the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in Japan. Thus, Sumitomo began to develop asphalt pavers in 1959. Due to its high performance, Sumitomo’s asphalt paver products are now successfully penetrating the world market, and are able to contribute more than 70 percent of the appliance’s share in Japan’s domestic market.

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