SUV vs Hatchback: Which Car Type is best for you?

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SUV vs Hatchback: At present, we find in the market different car segments, which are growing over the years. Some types of cars do not last long, but others consolidate over time. 


The purchase decision between SUV vs Hatchback is to determine by the design lines, passenger space, handling and maneuverability, equipment, and fuel consumption. The SUV wins in area, and the hatchback comes forward in driving.

The approach that the hatchback car body is more directed towards a young audience. In contrast, SUV options have always existed to offer practicality and space to their potential customers. Below is a comparison between SUV vs Hatchback. By reading this, you come to know which Car Type is best for you.

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In the beginning, this type of car was created to offer greater functionality in the city. Still, given their characteristics of weight and mass distribution, those in charge of the sports departments of the brands have used them as variants with more character (not always is the case).


At present, hatchbacks are perfect for moving around the city and also traveling long distances on the road.

In favor

  • Driving
  • Ease of maneuver
  • Dynamic look


  • Price
  • Interior space
  • Loss of equipment in rear seats

About SUV

Its construction has existed for years; in fact, it is the body that began the era of the car as we know it today. It is the most practical and functional; it has basic characteristics and is also capable of assembling elements with greater quality and extension.

Three Row SUVs Explorer, Telluride, Palisade, Enclave, and CX-9

Due to comfort, habitability, and equipment, it is considered the ideal vehicle for long family trips.

On the other hand, the vehicle weight is greater, and the wheelbase increases. The suspensions tend to be softer, and usually, the mechanical treatment is more focused on comfortable handling.

In favor

  • Habitability
  • Internal quality
  • Practicality


  • Weight concerning power
  • External dimensions when maneuvering

These are the main differences between the hatchback and the SUV.


Both hatchbacks and SUVs can belong to different segments, for example, subcompacts, which, as a rule, would have the capacity for four adults and one child, or compact, where five adults fit. What is a fact is that both have at least four seats, a car with fewer seats would fall into another category.


In a nutshell, a hatchback car has two volumes and a three-volume SUV. This means that the characteristic of the hatchback is not to have an external trunk, but that it is part of the cabin, while the trunk of the SUV is “out of the way,” that is, it counts as extra space inside the car.


Due to the nature of the hatchback’s trunk, it seems to be a bigger car since the rear is higher, while the trunk of the SUV is usually at the same height as the chest. However, in passenger space, there is no significant difference in size.

Which is good to buy?

So if you want to go a long drive, then SUV is a good option while for local trip Hatchback is a good option.

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