Suzuki Carry Truck vs Toyota Dyna Truck

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Suzuki Carry Truck vs Toyota Dyna Truck: One of the highly-used commercial vehicles to transport goods and other items is a truck. You can see their appearance all around the globe to perform various tasks. For many people, buying a truck is one of the crucial tasks. It is because a truck proves to be a heavy and costly machine by which transportation takes place.


Various companies are there to see in the market of commercial vehicles. Trucks do come in various sizes and models. This time, we are going to present a comparison between two mini-trucks belonging from different companies. We will have a look at various aspects of the Suzuki Carry Truck and Toyota Dyna Truck.

Suzuki Carry Truck

Its first model was developed by the company in the year 1961. Right now, this carry truck has gained a reputation in terms of toughness and durability. Not only in Japan, but there has also been a success of this vehicle in many other global markets.


Talking about its specifications, you’ll see a wheelbase of around 73 inches, and a length of 129.72 inches. The width is 54.92 inches and a height of nearly 67.5 inches with a curb weight of around 650 kg. This mini truck can load a weight of 350 kg and you’ll see 160 mm of ground clearance. 

Toyota Dyna Truck

There are some main features by which the Toyota Dyna Truck impresses in the segment of mini-trucks. Firstly, the company has given the facility of racks that assist in noise cancellation. The rack is adjusted on the bottom side of the truck.


The minimum radius of this truck is 4.3 meters. That’s why the driver can enjoy taking U-turns and drive smoothly on roads. The company has introduced many models of this truck until now. But, it was first launched in the year 1959, i.e., two years ago from Suzuki carry truck.

After bringing a combination of toughness and durability, the company made efforts to bring this model again and again. Talking about cargo capacity, it can vary from 900 kg to nearly 3,000 kg. There is a range of both petrol and diesel variants from 1,798 cc l4 to 4,009 cc turbo diesel.

What to Choose Between These Two?

Both of these mini trucks belong to different companies. That’s why their specifications along with many things are unique from each other. But, there are some things by which you can trust on both these vehicles. Like, they are tough and durable to come in use for longer years. Additionally, they prove to be serviceable.

Like, a person can manage to bring on-site repairs especially when there is no option available. If we talk about the Suzuki Carry Truck, it has the nature of a light-duty Kei truck. While the Toyota Dyna truck tends to bear the load of around 3,000 kg. So, based on your requirements, you can decide to select between these two.

Two Outstanding Trucks

The Suzuki Carry Truck vs Toyota Dyna Truck is unique in many ways, but share a few key features in common. First, and foremost, these are tough, purpose-built trucks that can last a lifetime. Second, both are very utilitarian and simple to repair, making them perfect for on-site repairs, especially when you are some distance from a maintenance support team.

No matter which truck you choose to go with, you’re in a win-win situation. What can be better than reliability along with easy maintenance? For tips on how to maintain your truck once you’ve bought it, be sure to check out our other articles for the more great advice.

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