Suzuki Escudo: Built for the Cross-Country

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Suzuki manufactured the Suzuki Escudo, which has also had names like the Suzuki Sidekick, the Suzuki Vitara, and Suzuki Geo Tracker. It was first introduced in the year 1988 and throughout the years has gone through much development and modifications. And the current model is the fourth generation Suzuki Escudo.


The first model of the Suzuki’s Escudo had two options, the first was an SUV with a three-door hand top, and the other was an SUV with two doors convertible. We found these in the many markets and went by the name  Suzuki Sidekick.

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The Three Door Hardtop

Suzuki released the five-door Escudo in the year 1991 after much consultation and consideration. It was not only bigger but also better than the original model. It was way more spacious, had better boot space, and even had a more voluminous petrol tank for better performance.


Other amazing features included in this car were coil spring suspension as well as a sturdy frame. The developments made this car absolutely perfect for long drives even on cross country routes with friends and family because this car was way more secure and comfortable for not only the driver but also the rest of the passengers.

The Development of the Model


Suzuki introduced the second generation of Suzuki Escudo in the year 1998. What distinguishes this model from its former model was that it has a more curvy and fashionable body. It has the same engines as before. While the exterior changed to some degree, the interiors were entirely different.


This model with the V6 engines became popular as Grand Vitara. A more extended version of this second-generation model also found existence in the year 2001 and had more space and boot. Its name was Grand Vitara XL 7. 

The Evolution

In 2005, Suzuki released the third-generation model of Escudo. This had a wholly new and sporty design. And was totally different from its former models, making it a new journey to undertake altogether. It has full-time 4WD and suspension that was way more dependable.

Which makes it the perfect car for long drives keeping comfort at its peak. Previous engines were made use of while the fuel consumption was also impressive. The fourth generation of Suzuki Escudo was developed in 2018.

More About Fourth Generation Suzuki Escudo

This is the most advanced model in the Suzuki Escudo family that had a revamped exterior as well as the interior. While at the same time, it has a number of technological advancement keeping in pace with the modern world. The model has five slotted grilles and, at the same time, has a chrome finish for better look and feel.

Another exclusive feature of this model is advanced safety Technologies that help the drivers to escape accidents at all costs. This feature was jot available in any of the previous models. This model has the best technological incorporation like character recognition software, front-facing camera and recognition, and many more for a smooth and comfortable ride!

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