Suzuki Jimny: Absolute Fun

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Suzuki Jimny is one of Suzuki‘s classic cars, which played a considerable role in establishing Suzuki as a significant player in the automobile industry on a global scale. This compact off-road driving capable SUV has been in production since the ’70s. It has somehow managed to transcend across generations of evolution in car design. The boxy car design is equal parts old school and modern.


The story of the Jimny starts in the 70s when the market knew it as the LJ. It later came to be known as the Samurai as well. This little off-roader created its own cult following and has ever since present in the consumer market in various forms. The car is well-traveled, and the boxy design has been a favorite across generations and continents.

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Multiple Generations of Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny has been through a total of 4 generations (1970-1981, 1981-1998, 1998-2018, 2018- present). Suzuki has sold over 2.5 million cars worldwide. In fact, it still remains a modern classic. Jimny has created its own space in the automobile history, and its current iteration still remains a highly desirable car internationally.


The Suzuki Jimny is a compact 4×4 off-road capable car that falls under the Kei category of vehicles. Kei cars are highway-legal passenger cars, which have turned into a whole class of vehicles in Japan. Kei cars are lightweight cars that are small in size, making them ideal for urban and city use and at homes in smaller parking areas. They manufacture these cars keeping in mind the tiny spaces available in urban centers.

All Terrain Ready Suzuki Jimny


The Jimny’s off-roading capabilities allow it to tackle harsher roads and ease through rough terrain and weather. The 4×4 will enable it to outmaneuver even the most veteran and larger SUVs on unforgiving terrain and driving conditions. Whether it is steep slopes or muddy terrain or snow-covered terrain, Jimny is able to navigate everything with ease.

Engine Specifications


Throughout its various iterations, Jimny has either had a three-cylinder or a four-cylinder engine. The capacities range from 540 ccs to 1.5L. The 1.5L is one of the most popular and powerful engines, which people still hail as one of the better engines in its segment. The 1.5L engine produces 75 kW at 6000 rpm and offers average fuel consumption of around 15 km/l. The latest generation of Jimny’s come invariants, the smaller 658 ccs, and the larger 1462 cc petrol engines.

History in the Subcontinent

The second generation of the Jimny saw the creation of the extended base variant for international markets, called the SJ40 and SJ410. The Gypsy is a household name and the car of choice for law enforcement agencies and the Army. 

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