Suzuki Vitara/Escudo vs Toyota Rush

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Suzuki Vitara/Escudo vs Toyota Rush: The Suzuki Vitara/Escudo was launched in the year 1988. In the Japanese and a number of other automobile markets, all generations of Vitara have used the name Suzuki Escudo. Though Vitara is an old model in the international market, it is still quite popular and giving the Toyota Rush a good competition.


The most critical point of difference between these cars is that while Suzuki Vitara is a crossover SUV model, the Toyota Rush is more of an MPV. Moreover, Toyota Rush is 7-seater, and the Suzuki Vitara is a five-seater model MPV.

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Comparison of Design

Between the two cars, the Toyota Rush has a more muscular build and is hence a more capable off-road SUV vehicle. Toyota also has provided this vehicle with an excellent ground clearance, which is much better than that of Suzuki Vitara.


The Vitara, on the other hand, looks more like a hatchback but on but wheels rather than an SUV, but it has one of the most attractive designs taking in comparison all the Suzuki models. Except for the width, the Toyota Rush is also quite a bigger vehicle than Suzuki Vitara.


Another pronounced difference between these two models is that, while the Toyota Rush comes with full LED headlights, the Suzuki Vitara only has Projector Headlights.

Comparison of Space and Interior

Unlike the locally made cars, both of these vehicles are made of imported CBU units, meaning that both these cars have a luxurious interior that is built of the best material in the market, making them robust and durable for a long while.


In the case of both the Vitara and the Rush, the interior is made of plastic. There is no way you can get a leather finish, which is kind of disappointing for the price point of these cars. This, however, makes sense because these cars are not too costly in the international market, which helps in cutting the cost of the material.


If you take into consideration the space and practicality of these vehicles, because Rush is a bigger and taller model, you get better cabin space as well as legroom when compared to the Vitara. However, the Vitara, in no way, is a less spacious model with enough space and cabin room for 5 people at once.

Comparison of Features

Both of these models come power-packed with several eye-catching features. These are very important for the build and justifies the price range of cars. When it comes to the Toyota rush, it contains features like:

  1. Rear camera.
  2. Six airbags.
  3. Anti-lock braking system.
  4. Rear AC vents.
  5. Digital climate control.
  6. Hill state assist.
  7. Push start.
  8. Tyre pressure monitoring

On the other hand, the Suzuki Vitara comes with such feature as the following:

  1. Climate control.
  2. Cruise control.
  3. Panoramic sunroof.
  4. Terrain select system.
  5. Paddle shifters.
  6. Rear AC vents.
  7. Push start.
  8. Hill descent control.
  9. Anti-skid control.

Both these vehicles are of great capacity and use. It is now your choice to make.

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