TCM FB156 vs Sumitomo 61FBR15STE

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TCM FB156 vs Sumitomo 61FBR15STE: In various places, there comes a requirement of forklifts. This machine stands for a powerful industrial truck that lifts and moves the material over short distances. It proves to be an exceptionally chief member of loader equipment. You can explore its presence in factories, shipping companies, or warehouses. One of its likable advantages for business owners is that it can handle the job of several persons alone. They are powered either by electric battery or combustion engines. In many cases, they prove to be the backbone of the equipment industry.


Advantages of Forklift

One of the benefits following forklifts is that they report bringing less number of accidents. In one place, it is stated that forklifts hold only 1% of all accidents that take place in factories or warehouses. However, the proportion of physical injuries causes by such accidents is a bit high (10%).

Apart from that, they contain a maximum speed limit so the workplace should remain safe. Even the places where pedestrians move around, their speed decreases more.

You can find the load-carrying capacity of most forklifts in their nameplate or load capacity data plate. With its help, the operator can easily identify how much capability the forklift can carry.

Their existence in our surroundings is around 100 years old and they assist people for simple and efficient working.

Vital Components

Those who have less idea regarding the forklift, we are providing some general information about its essential components. This machine is a small industrial vehicle that contains a power operated forked platform linked at the front. It can move up and down to lift or move the goods. Talking about the truck frame, it forms the base of the machine. Here, you can see the joining of the key components like wheels, counterweight, and mast. Secondly, there is a counterweight that proves to be a cast-iron weight. It is connected to the backside of the machine. It is aimed to counterbalance the load which is lifted.

Then, there is a power source that consists of an internal combustion engine. The engine can fuel by gases like LPG, CNG, natural gas, or diesel. The power in forklifts comes from lead-acid batteries or fuel cells. Now, one of the important things that matter in a forklift is a carriage. You can identify it as the base of the forklift. It is fixed on mast rails which can be moved upward and downward. In the end, there is a mast that stands for a vertical part of the forklift. It lifts and pushed down the loads and its components include interlocking rails that deliver horizontal control. The mast can be furnished with rollers like the carriage.

Comparison of Two Forklifts

Here, we are presenting a judgment of two forklifts that belongs to different companies. With the help of this judgment, you can select the one as a priority to purchase. So, let’s begin our description of TCM FB156 Vs Sumitomo 61FBR15STE by looking at some related information. 


TCM is emerging as a pioneer to build up and produce durable material handling products. In the segment of forklift, they have large-sized and IC Engine based trucks ranging from 1.5-43 tons. Especially talking about its FB series, the company has maximized safety in operations. In the company’s perspective, their FB segment features world-class ergonomics which contain fingertip controls and liberal headroom.


The TCM FB156 is an older segment from the company and came into charge 20 years ago. This is a helpful source of bringing goods and other items and has its importance in many regions.

Sumitomo 61FBR15STE

Sumitomo is a giant group that has a reach in different parts of the world. There are a bunch of business fields in which you can see the presence of Sumitomo. Out of which, they also manufacture forklifts of different weight loads. In earlier times, the company launched forklift models such as the 61FBR15STE. This model is now available from our side of different years.


Presently, the company has moved to present electric forklift trucks in the form of counter type and stand-on reach type. You can see the availability of forklifts from Sumitomo ranging from 0.9-48 tons.

The Conclusion Between The Two

Every company wishes to generate sales through its products. That’s why they attempt to make those machines that can impress the customers by performance. Here, in this case, we can identify TCM and Sumitomo as two of the good manufacturers of forklifts. You have already got a lot of information regarding this machine finely. Now, this is the time to choose whose company’s forklift that can suit you more.

In the battle of TCM FB156 Vs Sumitomo 61FBR15STE, make your choice and take work from them for your purpose. If you don’t want to get the brand new machines and feel okay with the used one, we can help. We have a display of some used forklifts which you can choose and make your work easy and less-worry.

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