Tesla Cyber Truck- The Next Big Thing

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The world is finally able to witness the latest wonder from Tesla After a long wait, the Cyber truck unleashed at the studio of Tesla Design on November 21, 2019. The founder of Tesla who loves to make everyone awestruck with his cutting edge technology and revolutionary features. The Tesla Cyber truck never disappointed in this regard.


Tesla has attained attention by generating stainless steel-bodied, all-electric pickup trucks. Nonetheless ended up with shattered glass in the launching ceremony, it is still able to get polarizing opinions. People fall in love with its futuristic look and impressive features, which any other electric vehicles might not have.

It is probable that Tesla may start producing the trucks from 2021. It would cost a certain amount to produce first-gen models, AWD, dual-motor variant, and AWD, tri-motor version. The company is going to offer more variants by 2022.

The Specs of Tesla Cyber truck

If you have in mind to compare the Cyber truck with Tesla Model S and Model X. then in such a case, you don’t compare because you cannot. Everything is on a different level, comparable to no other EV, not even to any vehicle coming from Tesla’s factory.

The Cyber truck appears to be the physical incarnation of a ‘brute force’. Having a huge angular body, the vehicle is packed with an unbelievable amount of power so that it can conquer both regular streets and rough terrains. The Tesla Cyber truck is immensely strong since stainless steel alloy is used in manufacturing aerospace instruments in Space X.

Moreover, Tesla Cyber truck integrates several technologies in the company’s other vehicles. It also has a self-driving system, a solar roof option, and a powerful lithium-ion battery pack that is able to keep the truck running for up to 500 miles.

The Tesla Cyber truck is basically a six-seater and has better electric motors and aerodynamics in comparison to other EVs in the market. It is also able to hit 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds. This is something many supercars may struggle to achieve.

The Tesla Cyber truck can utilize V2G (able to store and discharge electric power from renewable energy sources). But, it still has 120 volt/240 volt AC power outlets to power up an external construction. For instance, Home.

The Tesla Cyber truck has some excellent software and hardware technologies. The Tesla Cyber truck already backed home the award for the ‘Concept Car of the Year’.


Could Cyber truck be the Next Big Thing?

Nonetheless launching ceremony hiccup, Cyber truck has the ability to become the base of a line-up of vehicles. Apart from it, the number of pre-order quickly reaches around 250,000 within the first week. It is astonishing to witness such public interest together with no advertising and a not-so-impressive event.

The main reason behind the speculation is the low cost of its battery pack which is ridiculous. The Cyber truck gets power from a huge battery pack which is an expensive deal. But after digging into the price analysis pertaining to the vehicle’s prices, it seems that Tesla has invented ground-breaking to lessen the battery cost.

Now, if you think about it. Rather than going for the price of a Jaguar I-PACE, you can purchase a hunk that is super-fast, powerful enough to run 500 miles at a stretch. Moreover, it has incredible off-road capability.

Another great thing is Tesla’s is always in the line of improving their vehicles, not on an annual basis but quarterly. If the company continues this step, consumers are certainly going to get a range of cyber-inspired performance EVs which is even affordable though.

Advantages Compared to Other EV Brands

As the Cyber Truck is manufactured by a behemoth, under a brand name of Tesla, the Cyber truck is certainly going to enjoy unique facilities that EVs from other brands may not.

Tesla has a great charging network with over 14,000 superchargers across the globe. The extensive network encourages people to purchase a Tesla EV. Apart from this, the company is focusing on improving battery performance. Tesla is getting its new focus and is definitely going to increase the speed of research and development. This ultimately leads to a more powerful and less costly battery pack for its EVs.

The appeal of Electric vehicles’ is undeniable. It feels immense pleasure to drive. If you compare them to gas or diesel-run vehicles, they are quieter, faster, and better performers and able to withstand all weather conditions.

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