Texting and Driving- Dangerous

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There is no doubt in saying that texting and driving is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible thing. This is the reason in many countries using cell phones while driving is illegal. They strictly consider using cell phones behind the wheel is illegal. Though there are many drivers, especially the young ones who continue their involvement using cell phones behind the wheel. These people are ignorant about the fact that how dangerous this behavior can prove to be.


Accidents due to vehicle crashes are the biggest contributor to the annual death toll in various countries. Such accidents lead to 1,46000 deaths in 2015 alone. One of the experts has a saying that if the web is reduced using cell phones behind the wheel can drastically reduce accidents. This is something everyone including parents and drivers should work on the most.

Many drivers have a delusion that they are good and expert at texting and driving. We can say this in another way as you are better at driving blindfolded but you are not. Many drivers though have a feeling that texting and driving are dangerous for everybody but except them. They don’t include themselves and do not consider it as a risk. They assume it is a cool activity but they are misinterpreting the situation and its aftermath.

Some of the statistics behind texting and driving are as follows which is indeed terrible:

  1. It is a fact that people who text while driving are more likely to be prone to accidents than those who drive while intoxicated. In other words, you are less likely to get into an accident if you are at a drunken stage.
  2. The average time a driver takes to message is five seconds. So if you drive at 55mph and look down to text for five seconds are more prone to accidents. The average time should be 2 seconds.
  3. 11 teenagers die every day due to texting while driving. Teenagers are 400 % more likely to get into an accident due to texting and driving.
  4. A survey shows that texting while driving leads to 6 million accidents per year.
  5. 64% of all accidents are caused by using cell phones while driving.
  6. Texting while driving puts the lives of pedestrians.

What is the solution?

Many people lost their lives in a car accident each year to clear out the population in just two human life cycles. This is with distracted driving being the major contributor to such deaths. There are various companies and state governments that are racing in order to determine the solution for such type of driving. Also, there are some apps that reward you for not using your cell phone while driving or behind the wheels. There are cars that block the cell phone and raise fines for using cell phones.

However, there are some experts who believe that the solution for this driver themselves. Today’s generation is extremely obsessed with technology and more with cell phones. If we learn to control the impulses is it turning your phone off or placing it in the backseat. Such activity can train drivers to develop a habit of leaving their phones while operating a vehicle. Moreover, safety experts urge parents in setting up a good example by disregarding their phones while children are inside the car.

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