The Engine Oil filter

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The oil filter is a part of the engine, which filters the oil. That is, it removes the contaminants from the oil. Basically, they are designed to remove contaminants and other such substances from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. They increase the life and efficiency of the engine; thus, they are a vital part of your vehicle.


What are engine oil filters

The engine oil filter is a device, which is of the size of a tin of baked beans and is very important for the smooth running of your engine. The job of the engine oil filter is to remove impurities from your engine oil that accumulate over time as the oil keeps the engine clean.

Clean motor oil is essential because if the oil remains unfiltered for a period of time, then the impurities or specks of hard substances get into the oil stream. They rub up against the vital parts of engine machinery, as a result, wears them out much faster.

Need for the filter

If the contaminant or impurity is a speck of dirt or a chip of stone, it can enter your engine through the oil stream and stop the piston from moving or valve from closing. This has a severe consequence on the efficiency and performance of your engine and can cause a problem that costs you thousands of rupees to get the problem fixed.

The engine oil filter is there in your car, so this does not happen. It helps to clean the engine oil to filter all the impurities before they can enter and cause significant harm to the working parts of your engine.

Modern combustion engines require lubrication of first-class for seamless operation. As the performance of the engine increases and the service intervals gets longer, the engine oil needs to meet even more stringent requirement.

The engine oil plays a central role in avoiding damages caused by soot, dirt, or unburned fuel in the oil. This is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s engine.

What are dirt particles?

During the process of combustion, both the combustion residue and dirt particles such as:

  1. Metal debris
  2. Dirt
  3. Oil carbons 
  4. Soot

These dirt particles impair the oil supply resulting in increased fuel consumption and premature wear and tear. The worst scenario is that because of these particles; you might need to change your engine because of the damage they do.

Consistent and efficient engine performance can only be assured if the oil is absolutely clean. Therefore the engine oil filter has the assigned task of reliably and constantly cleaning the dirt particles from engine oil throughout its service life and makes your run smooth.

The task of the engine oil filter

With the advancement in the automobile industry, engineers have increased the engine performance combined with a decrease in the consumption of oil. High-performance lubricating oil and new challenges and competition all the time automobile manufacture are placing additional requirements on these filters.

The developing trend is towards compact oil filters that are integrated with the engine. They perform other functions in addition to the basic work of filtering the oil. The latest oil filters use the metal-free oil filter elements made up of filter media. These are reliable to consistently achieve maximum performance values even in case of long intervals between changes.

The engine oil filters are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, making your journey smooth and hassle-free.

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