The new model “Nissan Kicks” announced

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Nissan Motors announced the all-new model “Nissan Kicks” on the 24th and will launch it nationwide from the 30th of the same month.


In the SUV segment, which is popular in the Japanese market, Nissan will introduce the new Nissan KIX SUV equipped with the e-POWER electric powertrain. The “Nissan Kicks” is a model that realizes the powerful acceleration and high quietness unique to the “e-POWER”, and a new one-pedal-like driving that allows you to perform acceleration and deceleration at will by simply depressing the accelerator pedal. In addition, it has a spacious interior with a compact body that is easy to drive, with an active and advanced exterior and an interior that gives a seamless and high-quality feel.


The pleasure of driving brought by e-POWER

“Nissan Kicks” has improved the maximum output of the “e-POWER” by about 20% and increased the strength in the middle and high-speed ranges, allowing it to overtake and join at high speeds. We have achieved powerful and crisp driving in a wide range of situations, including winding driving.

In addition, the “e-POWER drive”, which allows you to adjust the vehicle speed by pressing down on the accelerator pedal. It allows you to operate as if you were operating with one pedal. So the number of times you press the brake pedal is reduced and you can drive easily. Furthermore, by optimizing the control of the operation timing of the power generation engine, the frequency of operation of the engine was reduced and high quietness was achieved.

A refined design

The refined design exterior that is active, fearless and Nissan-like, with its fearless “Double V Motion Grill” and distinctive “floating roof” expressing strength and stylishness. In addition, the design has a strong presence by using a dynamic and advanced LED headlamp.

There are a total of 13 different body colors. Consisting of nine monotone colors and 4 two-tone colors, so you can choose a color that suits your needs. In particular, the two-tone Premium Horizon Orange and Pure Black combine with the interior of the Orange Tan to maximize the confident sportiness.

X Two Tone Interior Edition

Nissan’s advanced safety technology

All models of Nissan Kicks are equipped as standard with the “Pro-Pilot”. The driving support technology that reduces the two major stresses of long-distance driving and traffic congestion on highways. The millimeter-wave radar used to detect the situation of a vehicle. Further in front and perform smooth control to assist the driver.

Not only automatic notification in case of accidents but also “SOS call” that can manually report in emergency situations such as tilting driving and sudden illness are standard equipment on all models.

In addition, the “Emergency Brake” and “Faulting Collision Prevention Assist” that monitor the situation in front of the vehicle. It helps to avoid collisions with vehicles and pedestrians and reduce the damage caused by collisions are standard equipment. All vehicles of Nissan have “Safety Support”.

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