The Role of Shock Absorbers

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The role of shock absorbers is quite vital in car suspension. They play an important role in the vehicle’s suspension system. In terms of vehicles with four tires, generally have one shock absorber for each of the four tires. It basically provides robustness and functionality to a vehicle suspension system.


Function and role of shock absorbers:

The Role of Shock Absorbers

Limit the body movement of the vehicle

The main basis of the shock absorber is to limit the vehicle body movement. As and when we drive, the body moves back and forth or different sides to various degrees. what matters in this is the response to driving and road conditions. such type of vehicle movements is held in check by shock absorbers.

Stabilize vehicle tire

Generally, most of the vehicles have one shock absorber for each particular tire. Each individual shock absorber not only controls the body movement. It also applies enormous stabilizing force on each and every tire. A shock absorber prevents a vehicle’s tire from hopping or bouncing in bumpy rough, stony terrain. It also prevents the vehicle tire planted firmly on the ground or surface of the road.

Stabilize vehicle ride

Conditions of the road and driving style go hand in hand and are a vital part. The vehicle can move from smooth and controlled to bouncy and stony in a short span of time. Shock absorbers stimulate the overall vehicle movement. Moreover, prevent an excess of vehicle body movement in any one direction. When it comes to cornering or navigating sharp turns it plays its role efficiently. It aids in-vehicle control and stability.

Minimize tire wear

It is clear that the shock absorbers limits the overall body movement of the vehicle and stabilize it. A shock absorber aids to keep down tire tread wear. Tires can experience much less tread wear if held in a position by a firm shock absorber.

Reduce overall suspension wear

Shock absorbers are basically the part of vehicles’ overall suspension system. Many vehicles thrive to employ a combination of various leaf springs, coil springs, and struts to stabilize and control a vehicle’s movement. Shock absorbers basically mop-up and deflect an impressive deal of initial road impacts and/or body movements. If shock absorbers do not contain what stands in need of, get a move onto other parts of the vehicle’s suspension.


There are varieties of designs available in car shock absorbers. the most well approved are twin-tube design and monotube design. Twin-tube design shock absorbers contain two tubes. one is the inner tub and the other one is the outer tube. Both are complementary to each other and work together to achieve desired results. One the other hand, monotube design shock absorbers consist of a single tube. It is mounted in an upside-down position with the purpose to decrease weight.

Some shock absorbers come with nitrogen gas which brings down foaming and increases the performance.

Factors to Consider, to Achieve Proper Shock Absorber Positioning

  1. Recoil resistance from within the shock.
  2. Compacting pressure inside the shocks.
  3. Distance rearward from the axle.
  4. The contraction or rebound travel.

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