The world premiere of the new “VEZEL”

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The world premiere of the new “VEZEL“, which will be announced and released in April 2021, for the 1st time in the world. At the world premiere event held online. Honda Motors unveiled a completely redesigned exterior and interior design for the full model change, as well as announcing the evolution points such as newly installed main equipment and advanced safe driving support system, and connected functions.


In the special video released at the world premiere, based on the new Honda Vezel’s grand concept “AMP UP YOUR LIFE”. The product values ​​aimed at by the development team will be discussed with the ambassador of advertising development and actual development. Honda Motors will tell you through interviews conducted on-site.

The world premiere of the new "VEZEL"

Overview of the new VEZEL world premiere

Grand concept “AMP UP YOUR LIFE”

The enjoyment of daily life by providing not only practicality but also plus alpha experience value for people living in this era who are active and open to new things with an emphasis on improving the quality of daily life. Honda Motors aimed for a model that amplifies = AMP UP. The main values Honda aimed for were “trust,” “beauty,” and “easy enjoyment.”

Trust: Everyone can drive with confidence and peace of mind.
Beauty: Not only pursuing the beauty of the design but also making the behavior of the user look beautiful.
Feel free fun: An exhilarating driving experience that appeals to all 5 senses. So, that you can have a fun and energetic life.


Based on Honda’s original MM concept, the “center tank layout” followed by the previous model. While maintaining the compact body size and various seat arrangements that are easy to handle. Honda has evolved into a more powerful and beautiful exterior proportion.

In addition to providing a field of vision that achieves both a pleasant feeling of exhilaration and ease of handling that gives confidence in daily driving. Honda Motors pursue a comfortable space where not only the driver but all passengers can move comfortably. Honda has created a package that is larger than the class average of compact SUVs and creates comfort.


As a full model change, Honda reconsidered the new era of VEZEL from scratch. And by adding a vibrant impression to the power and cleanliness of the SUV. Honda drew a design suitable for a partner who amplifies the mood = AMP UP.


As a whole, “Sleek & Long Cabin” is adopted to provide a refreshing view in all seats while emphasizing the coupe-like proportions. The design has a horizontal tone with the core penetrating the front and back. At the front, the same color grille is used to enhance the sense of unity with the body. At the rear, the easy-to-use gate opening and handle position are naturally incorporated into the model. It is aiming to achieve both beauty and functionality.

The world premiere of the new "VEZEL"


As an overall impression, Honda emphasized a solid form with a solid core and expressed the strength of the SUV. While the pad with a soft touch and shape is close to the body. By treating, Honda Motors designed a space that has both strength and kindness.


Based on the concept of HMI (Human Machine Interface). It also created a skeleton that connects to the “beautiful behavior” of drivers and passengers by reducing the movement of the line of sight and arranging the operations along the flow line.


Furthermore, as fun that appeals to all five senses, we have added a panoramic roof that allows comfortable light to enter the room and an air conditioner outlet that provides a comfortable breeze as new values for the new Honda Vezel Hybrid car.


Power train

In addition to the gasoline model equipped with 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC + CVT, Honda’s two-motor hybrid system “e: HEV” equipped with Honda’s 2-motor hybrid system “e: HEV”, which uses various drive systems mainly for motor driving, is selected. You can enjoy it.

With e: HEV, you can enjoy a linear and comfortable acceleration feeling, and you can select from 3 different driving modes: NORMAL, SPORT, and ECON. In addition, it is possible to select different deceleration degrees when the accelerator is off with the D range, B range, and deceleration selector.

The 4WD model equipped with “real-time AWD,” which enables stable driving even in bad weather and driving on snow. Especially in combination with e: HEV, the quick and linear torque generation that is characteristic of the motor drive and the real-time AWD that constantly distributes the optimum driving force to the four wheels make it stable and enjoyable in various road environments. Provides running.

Main equipment to be newly installed

  1. Hands-free access power tailgate (with reservation closing function).
  2. Panorama roof (using Low-E glass).
  3. Newly designed air conditioner outlet “breeze outlet”.
  4. Hill descent control.
  5. Electrostatic touch LED room lamp.
  6. Originally developed premium audio.

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