Things in your car that you never thought would spoil

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In this article, you get the things in your car that you never thought would spoil: A car is made up of manifold components and thus there is a possibility of wear and tear. Nonetheless, there are some components that you never thought would spoil. As we put to cars in use, it is subject to wear and tear and requires transformation and change. There are certain components in the car that seems like they will never spoil as they are not stationary that faces any kind of exertion. However, it’s a fact that nothing lasts forever and things will eventually fail due to various reasons.

Things in your car that you never thought would spoil

Here are some parts that you thought will never spoil which are as follows:

Window Tint

Alike Moving components, people generally assume that they last indefinitely. However, the UV rays from the sun are the main reason for its wear on various parts of the car. If one uses high-quality ceramic window films then there is a possibility of lasting for a longer time but not permanently.

Things in your car that you never thought would spoil

There are a few types of window films available in the market. The dyed pieces of vinyl sheets can fade to purple hue in a short span of time due to constant exposure of sunlight. While high tech ceramic films are able to block UV rays and don’t fade over time.

The lifespan of Window Tints:

  1. Dyed Window Films: Less than a year
  2. Hybrid Window Films: Eight 8 Years
  3. Ceramic Window Films: More than 10 years.


The headliner is yet another part of a car that does not seem to have an active role in your day-to-day driving. It is simply a piece of upholstery that decorates the top of your car; most will seldom even touch it for most of the car’s lifespan. One would assume that these will be the last things in your car that you never thought would spoil, but it is clearly not the case.

Things in your car that you never thought would spoil

Headliners are usually of fabric bond to a foam backing, and over time, the foam and its bond with the fabric degrades. This is also accelerated by the heat and humidity of the environment. The tropical climate here definitely doesn’t help the situation. Many cars here thus face the issue of sagging headliners.

Things in your car that you never thought would spoil: Dashboard

Generally, the dashboard of the car does not let to wear and tear. It is situated right underneath the wind Screen. However, continuous exposure to sunlight may lead to premature degradation. Certain materials in the car have a tendency to melt and become sticky due to UV rays from Sunlight.

There is no way to restore the dashboard to how it was earlier. The only way out is to reupholster it. We can also opt for fancy leather or sporty Alcantara material and give the car a new look.

Things in your car that you never thought would spoil

The lifespan of DashBoard: 6 Years

Things in your car that you never thought would spoil: Seats

The seats of the car experience a lot of wear and tear in our day to day usage. The Middle range of cars is made of vinyl. Due to extreme sunlight or temperature, they tend to crack and tear. The fabric material tends to last long, if one prefers sport seats, they can wear out sooner.


Unlike the dashboard and headliners, there is a wide variety of choices in material and design. One can easily morph the interiors of the car.

The life span of seats: Eight Years

Things in your car that you never thought would spoil: Seatbelts

With such frequent usage, seatbelts can fray and their mechanisms can fail. Over time, the retractor spring for the seat belt weak, which is the cause for seat belts to stuck and not able to retract after extending. Seatbelts that use during accidents could also be damaged from the impact and are deemed to be unsafe for further usage.


Frayed seatbelts have to replace as they could break and fail to keep the user safe in the event of an accident. Although the retractor mechanism can sometimes take apart and fix by winding up the retractor spring manually, it would be best to replace the entire seatbelt and retractor mechanism.

Central Locking System

Nowadays car comes with central locking system. This makes the locking and unlocking process easier. We use it every day for our comfort and give little thought to it unless it stops working. We use it thousands of times in a year and thus subject to wear and tear. Depending upon the type of car we have, the locking system can be costlier.


The central locking system consists of electrical components, which monitor the radio frequency and send the power to the actuator to lock or unlock the door when you press the button on your key fob.

The average life span of central locking: 10 Years

Power windows

Most cars nowadays are available with electric power windows, which allow the windows to lower and raise at the press of a button.

A power window system consists of the window regulator, which is the mechanism that moves the window, and the electric motor that powers it. A faulty power window could be the result of problems with the window regulator that can cause the window to jam or fall inside the door, or simply caused by a spoilt motor that does not run.


Similar to central locking systems, a car’s power window use frequently and hence wears out over time. Thus, older cars with an aging power window mechanism tend to experience these issues.

Foggy/Hazy headlights

Hazy and yellowish headlights not only cause a car to look old and unsightly, but they also reduce your visibility at night as the light doesn’t shine as well through the lenses, which are now almost opaque. Things in your car that you never thought would spoil.


Almost all cars utilize polycarbonate plastic headlight lenses, as such, these cars could face the same problem of yellowing and hazy headlights.

One must not damage and drop the key fob. Most of the parts of the system are subject to wear and tear. There is no way out to protect them from falling.

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