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Top 5 Electric Cars

Electric Cars are the future of transportation as the world is getting conscious of environmental hazards. We need to take steps for making our mother earth safe and secure. Due to our negligence, the ozone layer has been damaged greatly, it is high time that we buckle-up to prevent further damages.

It is not only the job of individual buyers of cars but is the institutional responsibility of automobile companies to work for the betterment of the environment. Multiple car giants understand this and have come up with just perfect Japanese electric cars. Cars that are stylish, trendy, and environment-friendly.

The cars that have won the hearts of millions and are expected to be the future of our everyday transportation needs are mentioned below.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Among the top 5 Electric Cars, the Toyota Prius is in 1st place. The testing process of this electric car start in 2009, though the car unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Autoshow. The lithium battery of the car was initially designed in a way that was electrically powered at 23 km.

Top 5 Electric Cars

BMW i8 EV Electric Cars

This car unveiled in 2013, the BMW i8 part is the sub-brand of BMW i. This car reached an all-electric range at 37 km. So, the expectations are high from this BMW car and its siblings as they carry forward the flag of BMW.

Top 5 Electric Cars

Honda Insight Hybrid

Honda Insight Hybrid is 1st of its kind to introduce the flagship Integrated Motor Assist of Honda. So, fuel-efficient drive, these electric cars have worked pretty hard in the field of research and development. There is many-body type change throughout its production tenure; starting as a two-door, two-passenger liftback (1999–2006); followed by a 4-door, five-passenger liftback (2009–2014). Finally, today it is available as a 4-door sedan that can be purchased from 2019 onwards model years.

Top 5 Electric Cars

Kia Soul EV

This electric car is a hybrid SUV that is being delivered throughout the world since mid-2014.


Nissan E NV 200 Electric Cars

The testing of the prototype of this panel van electric car took place in the year 2011. In the Tokyo Motor Show 2013, the pre-production version was shown. So, the official unveiling of this car took place at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


Thus, there are many other electric cars working to provide a better solution. So, we can expect tough competition for these top Japanese electric car contenders.

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