Toyota Allion- Another Name For A Powerhouse Vehicle

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Driving performance

Toyota Allion has a lightweight 1.300kg body with a 152ps 3ZR engine. It accelerates lightly, and there is no steep slope even if four adults ride it. One can be worried about the rugged ride in the low-speed range, but on the other hand, in the high-speed corner, with a smooth roll and a small nose tip, sharp handling that goes to the in with FR-like straightness.


The better the accelerator is, the better. If you are not careful, it will start suddenly (from the fact that you usually ride a 15 crown). This is similar to Sportivo more than Camry Sportivo.

However, there are some aspects that can make one feel uncomfortable and uneasy when one is used to Automatic and Manual Transmission of torque converters, such as the number of revolutions rising and falling little by little on the uphill slope of CVT and weak engine brake.

Ride comfort in Toyota Allion


The ride quality tends to pick up gaps at low speeds. Compared to the sporty grade, one will be amazed at the firmness of riding in town. The vibration is transmitted to the back in the rear seat, and in a slightly larger gap, there was a shock that could hit the back.


Point of satisfaction

After all, its power and safety equipment. The meter comes with a liquid crystal display. This equipment will exceed the class and your satisfaction will always high. And the reaction of the auto high beam is good and convenient.


Also, the rear foot space is large, and a person as tall as 180cm, rides in the rear with the driver’s seat in the same position, and at the time of the knee, there is room for a clenched fist.


Dissatisfied point of Toyota Allion

A small backrest that does not reach the shoulder and a headrest that cannot be adjusted back and forth. The amount of steering tilt is small and the driving position is hard to decide, but the “sound” unique to the four cylinders is disappointing.

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General comment

One can try on the driver’s seat, the rear seat, and the front passenger seat, and find that it is a very comfortable car. Someone can never think that the driver’s seat would be the power seat and the rear seat would recline.

The wood combination steering wheel is moderately sized with remote control, and the cruise control is equipped with a conventional and easy-to-operate switch. The impression that while maintaining the traditional Toyota carina standing position, while making everywhere feel the “current car”.

Last but not least, the beauty of this car is its size in harmony with its design. As the car grows as if it were in a growth period, it continues to protect the 5-number size firmly. Thus, the “5 Number Classification” was set up for the unique road situation.

Isn’t this a good example of the need for a generous need for ample room without increasing the body size? These days, only cars are imitating to the right. So, it’s a good idea to go back to basics and look at this sedan, which is more “crown-like than crown”.

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