Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival

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Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival: The Toyota Alphard is a minivan manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 2002. It is available as a seven- or eight-seater with petrol and hybrid engine choices. Hybrid alternatives have been available since 2003, and it includes Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. The vehicle was titled after Alphard, the most illustrious star in the constellation Hydra.


The Kia Carnival is a minivan produced by Kia, launched in January 1998, now in its fourth generation, and sold globally following numerous nameplates — prominently as the Kia Sedona.

Lets that the comparison of Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival and find out what these minivans have to offer and where they compete with each other in various aspects you are going to find below.

Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival: Exterior

Alphard Front
Toyota Alphard Back

Considering Honda Elysion v/s Toyota Estima v/s Toyota Alphard, here is a model Toyota Alphard. The cars from Japan give sporty looks instead of curvy designs which sounds and looks exciting too. It has headlights and necessary lamps on the front. The grille is much wider than Estima and it is one of the first noticeable things about Alphard’s look and appearance.

Carnival Front
Kia Carnival Back

The first thing that strikes you regarding this luxury MPV is its size. Containing 5,115mm long, 1,985mm wide, and 1,755mm tall, the Kia Carnival is tremendous. What the dimensions also exhibit is that the Carnival is more Mercedes-Benz V-Class (5,140/1,928/1,880mm) than Toyota Innova Crysta (4,735/1,830/1,795mm) in size.

And it’s not just the size that separates it from the other MPVs on business. Sure, the shape is popular MPV, but the well-defined front end, with that impressive grille and wide headlamps, assists build the Carnival as something premium. The sculpted front bumper, different ice cube-like fog lights, and a skid plate combine some quality too.

More Information

A definite shoulder line, a pinched effect for the third-row windows, and smooth 18-inch alloy wheels uplift the Carnival’s biography, even if the large 3,060mm wheelbase continues the focal point at the sides. The large rear overhang leads into an upright tail that’s adorned with a roof spoiler, smart-looking tail-lamps, and a skid plate at the base of the bumper.

An essential point to take in is that the Kia Carnival manages the space-efficient blend of monocoque structure and a front-wheel-drive design. The Innova Crysta, for example, is a body-on-frame, rear-wheel-drive MPV.

Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival: Interior

Toyota Alphard Dashboard
Alphard Interior
Alphard Seats

Toyota Alphard comes in different variations and you have the option to access to choose from different shades. You can choose options from the exterior and for the interior; it comes with a silver and gold impression. It is basically a seven-seater Japanese used car and has an ample amount of boot space when you put the back seats off. The beat is usually manual but the sliding doors are automatic.

Moreover, going much inside, there is room for leg rest with various storage options and also a personal folding table. You may also find an option of memory seats where you can save up to two seating positions. On the other side, there is a leather steering wheel, infotainment, 17 JBL speaker, and personal AC for rear seats.

Kia Carnival Dashboard
Carnival Interior
Carnival Seats

Well, this is the party piece of the Kia Carnival and even entering it has the exciting effect of electric doors sliding to welcome you inside. Once inside, it’s immediately clear that space is not a parameter that would disappoint to influence anyone despite body size.

Our test car was a seven-seat Limousine version but if you want Kia will sell you eight and nine-seat choices too. Our car from Japan usually had captain seats in the center row and these were the Luxury seats as Kia describes them. This suggests that these seats covered in Nappa leather arrive with extendable comfort for lower legs.

Seats are flexible

The seats are flexible for back recline and front and rear journey along with the sideways orientation. As an outcome of this, the comfort on a proposal in these seats is notable nearby to that of a business class seat in a plane. The seats themselves sport effective cushioning and side and head comfort is excellent as well. The headroom is spacious and even higher occupants won’t notice reasons to oppose it. The double electric sunroofs add extra to the atmospheric feel of the cabin while giving a comprehensive view of the skies.

Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival: Engine

Toyota Alphard Engine

On the opposite hand, the new Toyota Alphard packs a good 2362 cc engine that generates 168 HP. Where Elgrand creates the energy of 344 Nm, within the case of Alphard its 224 Nm only. So, this significant round goes within the name of Elgrand.

Kia Carnival Engine

With its huge dimensions and weight, one wouldn’t assume the Kia Carnival to be able to move around swiftly. Surprisingly though, it does! That’s the service of the 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine with Variable geometry. Power output is strong at 197 hp along with a torque of 440 Nm. The engine pulls tidy from as low as 1,750 rpm and one can drive the torque wave till about 3,000 rpm after which things begin to lessen off. There’s only one transmission on presentation, an eight-speed automatic unit, which is joined well to the engine. Variations aren’t very fast but they aren’t slow either and operate in sync with the positioning of a luxury MPV.

Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival: Performance

Toyota Alphard Performance

Within the case of the Toyota counterpart Alphard, the engine capacity gets confined at 2.4 Li. Well, both Elgrand and Alphard have rack and wing gear type, and both have DOHC valve configuration additionally.

Though Japan used cars Toyota Alphard has the 7-speed gearbox as compared to six of Elgrand. Still, Elgrand gets the crown for this round additionally.

Kia Carnival Performance

Cleaning levels are high and the cabin is pretty calm while traveling at high speeds as well. Only while accelerating vigorously the diesel noise does get its way into the cabin. If you do choose to drive the Carnival around the MPV won’t disappoint as speed is produced swiftly and accelerator response is adequate.

Overall, the Kia Carnival might not be appealing to ride but that’s not its goal either. Importantly, the Carnival is calming and relaxing to drive and that’s precisely what a possible consumer would look for.

Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival: Safety

Toyota Alphard Safety

Both the Vellfire and Alphard come with high-class safety features like responsive parking sensors, driver airbag, and passenger airbags. In addition, there are provisions for seat belt warning, door ajar warning, engine check warning, child safety lock, side-impact beams, front impact beams, and crash sensors as well. Moreover, they have an engine immobilizer and anti-theft device for protection against actions of theft.

Kia Carnival Safety

The Kia Carnival remains to influence with its safety contributions as well. The MPV arrives with six airbags, ABS, ESP, Cruise Control, Hill Start Assist, Parking Assist, and the added safety UVO. The building also utilizes a mix of elements including Ultra high-strength, high strength steel, aluminum, and a lot more to reduce structural deformation and injury to residents in the case of a collision.

Toyota Alphard vs Kia Carnival: Connectivity

Alphard Connectivity

Toyota has made entertainment a key point in both the Japanese cars by fitting them with top-class entertainment systems. Therefore, these include a CD player, FM/AM Radio, and speakers at the front as well as at the rear. Additionally, these are complemented with an integrated 2DIN audio system and a USB & Auxiliary Input.

Carnival Connectivity

Kia has also provided the top-spec Carnival with double 10.1-inch rear touchscreens with screen reflecting, HDMI, and internet (via mobile hotspot), enabling you to get up with your preferred programs on the drive back home. A 220V 2-pin plug point at the rear console also presents it possible to combine other heavy-duty devices.

Side by Side Comparison

FeaturesToyota AlphardKia Carnival
Displacement (cc)23622199
No. of cylinder44
Valves Per Cylinder44
Fuel TypeDieselDiesel
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)7060
Steering TypePowerPower
Seating Capacity77
Kerb Weight (Kg)19252195
No of Doors55
Alloy Wheel Size17R18
Tyre Size215/60 R17235/60 R18
Tyre TypeTubeless,RadialTubeless,Radial

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