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Toyota Alphard vs Nissan Serena

Toyota Alphard vs Nissan Serena

With the abundance of MPVs in the market, it is rather challenging to find the one that fits your specifications. However, the Toyota Alphard vs Nissan Serena is two of the nest MPVs in the market at the moment. However, there are some ways in which these cars are different from one another and set them apart.

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A Basic Comparison

The Toyota Alphard is a full-sized MPV minivan that was introduced in the year 2002 that has a seating capacity of even eight people. This model is available in three models, the Alphard G, Alphard V, and Alphard Hybrid.

While this model has been through several generations, progressing with each, it has maintained a classy and elegant design throughout its innovation. This is what makes it stand apart from the rest.

On the other hand, the Nissan Serena is a compact five-door minivan. The year of the launch of this car is 1991 and since then, it has undergone a series of changes and modifications to render a more sophisticated model. While it has five generations of adjustment, the second generation of this model is the most popular of the lot.

Comparison of the Features

The Toyota Alphard is a model that is packed with the best features in the MPV market, making it one of the best cars. The following are the features of this car, making it super comfortable and luxurious:

  1. Air conditioners.
  2. Power windows.
  3. Power front seats.
  4. Rear AC vents.
  5. Power steering.
  6. Onboard computer.
  7. Passenger airbags
  8. Anti-lock braking system.
  9. Child safety locks.
  10. Bluetooth connectivity.
  11. Rear speakers.
  12. CD and DVD player.

On the other hand, the features included in the Nissan Serena are as follows:

  1. Electronic stability control.
  2. Power windows.
  3. Dual climate control.
  4. Keyless entry.
  5. CD music system.
  6. Power steering.
  7. Airbags.
  8. Bluetooth connectivity.

Comparison of the Interior and the Exterior

The interior of the Toyota Alphard has several attractive and luxurious features. There are comfortable leather seating in some of the models of this car as well as a shiny trim. It can fit up to eight people without crowding the car and equally providing enough legroom and cabin space to all the passengers in the vehicle.

It also comes with mood lighting setting it a league apart from other competitors. With this, it also has a sunroof for allowing natural light into the car. So, the exterior of the vehicle has power sliding car doors, LED front lamps, smart pre-set lock function, which makes it even fancier and more luxurious.

On the other hand, the Nissan Serena has eight soft-touch seats as well as a central console along with a stylish dashboard and bright colors that increase the interior visibility of the car.

The cabin space of this car is also remarkable, with ample room for luggage and legroom. Thus, the exterior of this car is very stylish and gives off a sporty vibe and a streamlined look. With a large roof and rugged headlights, it does have a flair to it!

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