Toyota Aqua: The Ideal Hybrid Hatchback

Toyota Aqua: The Ideal Hybrid Hatchback

Toyota Aqua was launched by Toyota in the year 2011. The Toyota Aqua is a hybrid hatchback having five doors and front-wheel-drive features. It is known as Prius in the western market. It is known to be a direct competition for the Honda fit hybrid series. After its launch in the market, it featured a 1.5-liter internal combustion engine. Such an engine together with a CVT gearbox is an amazing thing to look at in the model of that time. It basically comes in three packages- L, S, and G.

Eventually, Toyota started offering more packages including X urban, Black soft leather selection Package, and GS, among others. Among the packages –L, S, and G, the S is most popular and abundant. On the other side, G is quite below in number. It is the high-end version that offers cruise control and other features that may not be available in the other variants.

After its launch, Toyota Aqua became the most successful and popular in Japan. In the like manner, It is found to be the second highest selling hybrid vehicle of Toyota. Moreover,  It became the topmost selling car in Japan from 2013 to 2015.

Popular Used Toyota Aqua Models

Certainly, at Japanese car trade, you can see a good collection of Toyota Aqua vehicles. It has been seen certain models which are quite popular among the masses. Some of the topmost viewed vehicles are as follows:

Stunning Exterior

The exterior of the Aqua is filled with elegance and attractive specs. The look of the vehicle is enhanced by the alloy wheels and roof rail. The color of the car body is available in various colors. Though it is generally available in white color and is offered at a lower price. Silver models at the same time are averagely priced. The black model is the most expensive model.

Interior Features that Offer Comfort

Finally, the interior of the car is ideally schemed to have a combination of dark and light hues. You can also expect smooth transmission of the window as it has a power window feature. It works efficiently with power steering and efficiently synchronizes the steering wheel. It also synchronizes tires as well.

You can find it easier to customize the air conditioning feature as per your preference. The seats have different elements depending upon the trim. So, the price of the car differs according to the trim level. As well as the level of trim increases, the price of the car shoots up.

Fuel Economy

If the vehicle is a Japanese hybrid, they are known for their fuel efficiency. Thus the Aqua is no different. Its average fuel consumption is approximately 55 mpg. Thus, this lessens energy consumption and optimizes fuel efficiency.

Import an Aqua to your Country

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