Toyota Brevis vs Mark X

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The Toyota Brevis vs Toyota Mark X is the first-generation model. They are almost birds of a feather. Both cars are luxury sedans and are designed in such a way for someone. These people are those who are looking forward to enjoying the opulence but at a cheaper price point. Let us here compare the two and get to know which one is better for you.


Brevis vs Mark X Side-By-Side Comparison

Let us take a look to identify which one is better and ideal for you.

FeaturesToyota BrevisToyota Mark X
Fuel Consumption11.4km/L10.6km/L
InteriorCentre TV display power equipment memory power seatsNavigation Heated seats Dual airbags
ExteriorGood ground clearanceLexus GS styling

The Toyota Brevis

The first generation Toyota Brevis started production in the year between 2001 and 2007. The number of perfection is seven. You may get to see in the Toyota Brevis, the seven years that car undergoes production via perfect machine and is a marvel of beauty and performance.

Toyota Brevis Interior and Exterior Features

The Toyota Brevis is a compact car and is a luxury car. The Toyota Brevis a comfortable 5 seater. It is designed in such a way keeping in mind the premium users. There is enough leg space both in the cabin as well as in the back. This makes it the most comfortable car for very tall people. The Brevis has a total trunk volume of 275 liters and a max cargo capacity of 275 kg.


The exterior of the Toyota Brevis is nicely trimmed and makes the vehicle look big. It has a length of 4550 mm width of 1720 mm and a height 1475mm. The car is indeed a big car. The styling of the car is taken from Toyota‘s progress. This is a 4 door sedan together with alloy wheels and a good ground clearance of 160 mm. This is too low for speed bumps in a country. However, ground clearance can be adjusted.

Toyota Brevis Engine and Fuel Efficiency

The engine of 1st generation Brevis is a 200 horsepower, 4 valves, 6 cylinders 2.5i 24V Ai250 engine. The fuel system is a multipoint injection and the capacity of the tank is 70 liters. If you use petrol and it gives an average consumption of 11.4 km/l both city and highway combined.

You can easily visualize a very thirsty car. The drivetrain type is the rear-wheel drive. It has 5-speed automatic transmissions. The top speed for the Brevis is 180 Km/H.

The Toyota Mark X

The Toyota Mark X is a first-generation model that started its production from November 2004 to October 2009. It is a mild size Sedan and replaced the Mark II that started off its production in the year 1968. There have been major changes in the model from bodywork and footwork.

Toyota Mark X Interior and Exterior Features

Toyota Mark X is a comfortable yet luxurious model. It is a 5 seater sedan. This model is a big compact vehicle and the size of the car is perfectly replicated in the sitting space. The sitting space is for both rear passengers as well as for the drivers and the front passenger. There is enough leg space for tall people, a large airy cabin, and an armrest for the driver.


Mark X has some interior features including a navigation system and heated seats among others. The car has responsive headrests and many safety features such as steering control and airbags. This is for both passengers and drivers. It has a low center of gravity making it very stable on the road. It is important to note that Mark X has a lot of weight and requires some time to stop. Driving fast can be dangerous.

This is a 5 door Sedan and the door opens outwards. The rim size on the front and back wheel is 16 to 18 inches. The sedan is having low profile tires.

Toyota Mark X Engine and Fuel Efficiency

It has multipoint fuel injection. The fuel consumption differs from one driver to another depending on many things. On average you can expect to get 10.6 km/l together with highway and city driving. The drivetrain type is rear-wheel drive and has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

1st Generation Toyota Brevis vs Mark X: Verdict

Comparing the looks, features, and impressions on the road, the first-generation Toyota Mark X is the car you should look for. If you are a person who likes to transport a lot of stuff, the Mark X is better because the rear seats are foldable to carry more material.

Considering the price, the cost of Brevis is lower than Mark X. for both the cars, large spare parts are available.

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