Toyota Camry vs Nissan Teana – Sedan Cars

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Toyota and Nissan two completely different brands, offering various models of cars to stand on the needs of the customer. Both the brands share a good market share and have gained the goodwill and are ruling the hearts of their customers. Toyota Camry vs Nissan Teana is D-segment models and is preferred for large and middle passengers in various parts of the world. Both of them share the same segment of the model but have considerable differences in multiple aspects.

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The comparison list of both cars are as follows


Both brands possess completely different engines. Toyota Camry had an engine of 2487cc with four cylinders/valves. It is a B4 model and has a petrol hybrid type of engine. The fuel type used in this model is hybrid, i.e., petrol as well as electrical.

The maximum power offered by its engine is 215bhp @5700rpm. The maximum level of torque is 221nm, and its maximum engine performance is  176 bhp @ 5700 rpm, 221 Nm @ 3600 rpm with a maximum motor performance of 119 bhp and 292nm. Whereas Nissan Teana has a comparatively strong engine with a 2394cc engine and six cylinders/valves, It is also a B4 model, and the type of engine in it is VQ23DE 2.3L V6 Petrol type.

The maximum power inculcated in it is 170bhp @ 6000rpm, the level torque offered by it is 224@4400. The extra powerful engine makes the ride of its users more comfortable, along with fewer difficulties. It completely supports long drives and even journeys. Nissan Teana suits best for people passionate about traveling to long distances.

Body Design

Both the brands are designed by highly experienced designers and have a perfect body design to attract the customers towards them. Both models have four doors and have a seating capacity of 5 members.

Toyota Camry


The length of the Toyota Camry is 4885mm, its width is 1840mm with a height of 1455mm.


On the other hand, Nissan Teana has a height of 1485 mm, a width of 1765mm, and a length of 4845 mm. They both have comfortable seats, which helps in making the journey relaxing.



Toyota Camry gives a mileage of 19.3 km/pl, whereas Nissan Teana possesses a mileage of 7.6 km/pl. Toyota Camry has automatic (CVT) -6 gears, sports made, on the other hand, Nissan Teana, a gearbox with four gear.


These were some of the basic differences which the customer can rely on when having confusion on deciding which car to buy.


These features are the basic ones that everyone wants in their dream car.



The primary factor that can influence the decision of selection of car models is its price. Irrespective of having the same model, there is a massive difference in their price due to various distinctions in their features. This difference in their price has a great influence on the decision of the customers.

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