Toyota Carina: Long-Lasting Family Sedan

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From the year 1970 to 2001, Toyota continues to manufacture the carina line and do all marketing gimmick. It considers it as a compact passenger vehicle. This car is selling under 1500 cc to 2000 cc.


However, if we consider variation in terms of diesel it is 1800 cc to 2200 cc. comparing it with the corona line, carina models come with immense qualities which makes it an ideal car that is best suitable for a family.

Nonetheless, a 4 door sedan, has immense features that give it a sporty look and appearance. It has a similar chassis as the Celica. Celica is Toyota’s first-generation specialty car. The name of the car is inspired by the carina star cluster derived from the Latin word Coeliac.

Coeliac means heavenly or celestial. Though the production of the car ended in 2001, it is still popular in various countries. Due to its qualities such as cost-effectiveness, functionality, and comfort, it is an ideal car.

Popular Used Toyota Carina Models


If you access the website Japanese Car Trade, you may have a collection of used Toyota Carina Models. With the lap of years, they are able to sell various units and it has been observed that certain models are way popular among customers and visitors.

Some of the most viewed Toyota Carina units which are as follows:

  1. 2000 Toyota Carina (AT)
    Model Code: AT211
    Engine Code: 7A-FE
  2. 1999 Toyota Carina (AT)
    Model Code: AT212
  3. 2001 Toyota Carina (AT)
    Model Code: GF-AT211
  4. 2000 Toyota Carina (AT)
    Model Code: GF-AT212

There are models from the sixth series which are still available. Considering Toyota carina units have typically more than 2,00,000 km of good running performance. This manifests that the model boast of technical longevity. Till five generations were there till 1987, there were limited units available.

Toyota Carina in Europe

The seventh-generation model of Toyota carina was manufactured and sold till 1997. The carina line was particular in production for the European market but gained huge recognition in various countries including Japan. This car has almost all qualities which every country expects in the car as a basic and one step ahead basic. It has immense features such as low fuel consumption and lean mixed engines.

Carina Engine Specs

The manufacturing of sixth-generation carina II has 1.45 to 2.0litre gasoline engines. It also has a diesel engine with 2.0-liter displacements in availability. Earlier the car did not have an exhaust gas cleaning feature. But with the passage of time, they were updated with catalytic converters. The carburetor is also replaceable. Petrol 1.6 16 V engines with 98 hp are fuel-efficient. They run in partial load operation. It is even more economical.

Reliable Driving Experience

This range of cars is not that popular among driving enthusiasts. However, if you are going for a well-equipped car and family-based vehicle, this car is an ideal car.

In the case of used Toyota Carina, you can notice power steering, electric front windows, and stereo and rev counter among the features. It has trims such as X, X, GS, CD, or GL. Whatever you select, you get comfortable features.

Import a Used Carina

If you are thinking of importing this car, you can easily get it through the website Japanese Car Trade. This website can help you with all the relevant formalities in this regard smoothly. They are even available to answer the queries whenever you require them.

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