Toyota Coaster vs Isuzu Journey: Minibus Comparison

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Toyota Coaster vs Isuzu Journey: Minibus Comparison


Toyota Coaster:

The Toyota Coaster is a minibus that’s manufactured by Toyota. The coaster includes a large capaciousness and it can be used as an RV and it also can be used as a conveyance in many countries. Japan used buses exported to all or any parts of the planet. The bus is incredibly famous everywhere the planet and also the main reason behind the recognition of this bus is its strong body and huge capaciousness.


The Toyota coaster price is additionally moderate and it gives huge benefits to the shoppers. Many alternative companies have copies of the look of this coaster bus but no company has been ready to achieve such durability within the structure.


Toyota Coaster-Over the Years

The Toyota Coaster bus is part of three ages and furthermore, the original of this liner bus was propelled in 1969, and furthermore, the creation of this coaster proceeded till 1981. The second generation of this coaster was launched within the year 1982 and also the production continued till 1993. The third generation was launched within the year 1993 and it absolutely was given facelifts twice in 2001 and 2007. In the beginning, the coaster bus had the capaciousness of 17 people and it absolutely was increased to 22 people within the later models.

The Toyota coaster bus is additionally called Hino Liesse II in some parts of the planet. The 4th gen of Toyota Coaster was announced in December 2016 and was available for the shop in January 2017.

Japan Used Cars


Many coasters are equipped with one door but the Toyota Coaster is provided with two doors. With the assistance of two doors, it is very easy to load and unload heavy materials from the coasters, and also the passengers can move in and out very easily. The ground of the coaster created of high-quality plastic and rubber.

The bus assembled in Japan and prime quality ensured when making this minibus. Different engine sizes are available on this bus and you’ll choose the engine in line with your needs and desires. The bus offered in manual additionally as an automatic transmission. The manual transmission bus is more successful than the automated one because it’s easier to drive than the automated one. The length of this bus is 6.2 meters and also the overall width of this bus is 2 meters. The weight of this bus is around 5000 kg.


The Toyota buses and Isuzu buses come with many features and outfitted with man highlights, for example, cooling to make the bus cold and cool, power steering to drive easily, programmed entryways for the comfort of the driver. A small refrigerator is also present on this bus so that you can enjoy chilled drinks while going on a long trip.

The bus is best for a long trip and if you want to take your friends and family camping, then this is the best option for you. The bus will allow you to store the luggage easily and you can easily travel on the bus due to its spacious interior.

Fuel Consumption / MPG

The normal fuel utilization of Toyota Coaster is around 18 MPG.

Isuzu Journey

Since 1970, the Japanese automobile manufacturer is producing and serving the International market with Isuzu Journey bus and similar trucks. People have high demand and requirements for such Isuzu journey models especially; tourist guider used this kind of automobile to visit different states with ease.


Isuzu firmly known about their consumer’s needs, hence, they have introduced all the models with comfortable features that make the traveler feel relaxed during long trips and journeys.


In 1973, little advancement was carried in the construction phase and brought out Isuzu Journey with the greater format. Apart from tourists, the vehicles are also used as a city bus in many of the territories.

Transmission Stage

Isuzu integrates 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmitted engines that can easily defeat their major competitors like Toyota Coater, Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, and Nissan Civilian. Both demand and accessibility are high in the automotive sectors of Japan. Today, one of Isuzu’s significant series is W41 which shares the platform of Civilian. Formerly, the roof of Journey used to develop, introduce, and recognize Isuzu Elf 150 truck that comprises 15 passenger seats with a KA5#B chassis cryptogram.

Former Story of Journey Buses

Later on, ELF 150 truck edition entirely replaced by the Isuzu Fargo series. This vehicle restructured on lighter grounds with more efficient space. Even today, the updated used edition of Isuzu Journey L (Elf 350) and Isuzu Journey M (Elf 250) are available at a very cheap and affordable package.

To provide high-performance Isuzu incorporate 2.8 Liters and 3.6 Liters engine in their line-up. Later on, with the passage of time and updated technological advancement, these engines kept upgrading. The advancement is done to make them both lighter in weight and power inefficiency at the same time.

Technological Advancement of Toyota Coaster vs Isuzu Journey

The Journey K automobile was also one of the most desired automobiles. Such a line-up comes with a much larger capacity that offers 53 seats with a rear engine. From 1995 to 1999 Isuzu acquired high figures of sales from such automobiles, but, Isuzu Erga Mio truck replaced them at the end of 1999. Previously, GM Korea (Chevrolet) pretty demanded in different countries. Toyota Coaster vs Isuzu Journey minibus comparison.

This vehicle belongs from the Isuzu Journey M series Micro Bus whose layout revolves around Front-engine and rear-wheel-drive. Such a range of Isuzu used 2.4 L I4 Isuzu C240 (diesel) engine that produces 74 metric horsepower.

The latest upgraded engines have started using by Isuzu automakers to make their buses and trucks collection more efficient. The driving assistance features enable the driver to drive to safety turns without getting accidents or possible collisions.

Additionally, engineers used such chassis material that pretty strong yet lighter in weight. The newest introduction of 5-speed manual and 5-speed automatic transmission in the buses and trucks make the Isuzu journey more challenging.

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