Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic

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At the point when you are out there looking for a smaller vehicle, higher is the opportunity that your last decision has been limited to two choices – Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic. These two models set the measures for reduced cars and they have won the hearts of the two buyers and specialists. 


The two models are front-wheel-drive, five-seater vehicles. Their hatchback adaptations were accessible in the year 2017 while the Civic has a car version as well. The costs of their base models are practically comparative with a couple of hundred dollars of contrast. The Civic is without a doubt truly outstanding right now its incredible wellbeing and unwavering quality scores. The Corolla is likewise a top-selling vehicle right now for quite a while.

Inside and Comfort Features

The base models of the vehicles accompany a pack of standard highlights and hardware. The Civic gives more headroom to the travelers while Corolla finds an increasingly back legroom. 

Honda Civic


The essential Corolla model has some propelled highlights including CVT, Siri Eyes Free, a touch-screen infotainment framework, and a few driver help and wellbeing highlights.

Honda Civic Dashboard Interior

A Civic with a CVT will cost very nearly a thousand dollars more than its essential trim. Be that as it may, the mid-and upper-extend trim models of the two autos don’t have numerous distinctions. 

Honda Civic Interior

Motor Performance


The Civic’s motors are preferred and all the more impressive over Corolla’s 1.8L 4-chamber motor that yields 132 hp. The Eco rendition can draw more power with 140 hp. Community’s 2.0L 4-chamber and the 1.5L turbocharged motor can create 158 and 174 torque, individually. 

Toyota Corolla


Honda Civic’s driving experience is additionally incredible. You will appreciate everything from smooth increasing speed to exact dealing with.

Toyota Corolla Dashboard Interior

The Corolla, then again, offers solid taking care of yet there is nothing to fire up about.

Toyota Corolla Interior

Freight Space

The Civic is the champ right now Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic. It offers 15.1 cubic feet of freight limit against Corolla’s 13 cubic feet. Their hatchback adaptations extend it to 25.7 and 20.8 cubic feet, separately. It is additionally progressively advantageous to bring down the back seats and burden stuff in the Civic as a result of its easy to understand trunk shape.


Both motor forms in Civic offer a superior efficiency than motor accessible in Corolla. Its base adaptation produces 31/40 mpg in city/roadway and the turbocharged one offers 31/42 mpg in city/parkway. 

The base Corolla trim gains EPA evaluations of 28/36 mpg in city/interstate. The Eco form pushes the numbers somewhat further, offering 30 mpg in the city and 40 on the expressway.

Security Equipment

Both the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla are pressed to the gills with wellbeing highlights as standard. That implies you don’t need to add bundles or move up to get phenomenal wellbeing hardware. While the two vehicles offer a huge amount of wellbeing, as we would see it, the Toyota Corolla is marginally better than the Honda Civic in the security division. 

The two vehicles accompany their own suites of standard security hardware. The Honda Civic accompanies Honda Sensing which incorporates capacities like: 

Versatile Cruise Control

In rush hour gridlock, set the journey control and the Accord will follow the vehicle ahead keeping a protected separation.

Path keeping helps

This framework keeps the Accord in the focal point of its path. 

  1. Path takeoff cautioning.
  2. Forward crash notice.
  3. Programmed high bars.

The Toyota Corolla accompanies Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. This incorporates highlights like: 

Path Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection: This is Toyota’s name for its path takeoff cautioning framework. It gives a sound and visual alarm on the off chance that you are coming excessively near the edge of a path and it will tenderly guide the vehicle once again into the focal point of the path.

Max throttle Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

This framework permits you to set your journey control and follow a vehicle before you as it accelerates (to your set breaking point) or delayed down. It utilizes a radar framework to “see.” 

the Honda versatile journey framework is marginally better than the Toyota framework since it’s somewhat smoother, however, the Toyota framework allows you to set it in a more extensive scope of velocities. The new Corolla can likewise peruse street signs and assist drivers with realizing as far as possible when they are stamped. At long last, the Civic has somewhat progressively prominent crash alerts, while the Corolla’s are less irritating. 

The Civic is by all accounts ahead right now Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic. Be that as it may, Corolla has the better inside innovation, lower estimating, and higher unwavering quality. Likewise, utilized Toyota vehicles have high resale esteem and their parts and segments are additionally promptly accessible in many nations. In this way, remember these things when settling on an ultimate conclusion.

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