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Toyota Corolla vs Toyota Sprinter

Toyota Corolla vs Toyota Sprinter

Toyota, for a long time, has been identified as a standard automobile company. A lot of introductions by this unit have impressed people in various terms. Whether we talk about its class, performance, or design, it has achieved a reputed position in the market. Here, it’s a matter to define two of its segments whose first model was launched around 50 years ago. We are talking about Toyota Corolla vs Toyota Sprinter. We will tell you about the various features of both these cars.

Toyota Corolla


The first model of this car was launched in the year 1966. After that, it became one of the best selling cars in the globe. It said that the company has sold almost 40 million corolla cars after its arrival.

Toyota Corolla Dashboard

This is a sedan that impressed people with reliability and safety. It originally liberated as a front-wheel-drive sedan having an 1100 cc four-cylinder 1.1-liter engine.

Toyota Corolla Interior

Toyota Sprinter


The company launched Sprinter in the year 1968, after two years of the arrival of Corolla. So, one of the main attractions of that version was a sportier look.

Toyota Sprinter Interior

Due to its body style, the company claimed that the maximum speed can touch around 160 km/hour. The engine was comparatively 23 ccs lower than the corolla (1,077 ccs) with 60 horsepower.

Things to Know About Both These Segments

Both the versions from Toyota Company identified as having almost the same performance and appearance. Especially in the year 1983 to 1987, there was confusion between the AE85 and AE86 coupes. But, these sedans never sold in the same dealerships. Countries like Japan presented the Toyota Corolla in a separate Toyota Corolla Store as an economical vehicle. On the other side, the Sprinter sold in the Toyota Auto Store.

As the years passed, the company invented upgraded versions of both these models. Due to this thing, there was an arrival of numerous modifications and features. If we talk about the new series, a variety of things exist like improved ergonomic designs and exterior styling. Moreover, there is outstanding aerodynamics with style and comfort in both the models.

Regarding the interior, the cockpit has designed for easier access and improved visibility. The driving performance has also upgraded by a newly designed engine, suspension system, and brakes, etc. Consistency and durability also uplifted by which the requirement of maintenance reduced substantially.

What’s Your Opinion?

Both cars have been a successful outcome by the Toyota Company. With improved features in both the models, so, they became the priority of many customers. Now, you need to decide the best regarding the Toyota Corolla vs Toyota Sprinter.

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