Toyota Crown JDM car produced by Japan’s Toyota since 1955. Currently it is mainly sold in the Japanese market, and is sold in Sedan and other Asian markets. In 1955, It was introduced as a Toyota Feet crown and it was the first Toyota car, which served as a major sedan in the Japanese market  and became a long passenger plate attached to all Toyota models. 

The name of a smaller predecessor introduced as the Crown’s little companion, Corona means “crown” in Latin and was originally exported as “Tiara”, and Corolla was named after the Latin corolla (“little crown”). The name Camry comes from the Japanese word kanmuri meaning “little crown”, while the Toyota Scepter is named after the scepter, an accessory to the crown. Avalon (corresponding to the crown in North America) is not named after a crown, but is named after a mythical island in Arthurian legend.

“Discover Crown Spirit Project” is a program of Toyota where Japanese Toyota dealers have fully restored each generation of crowns, demonstrating that even the oldest crowns still work which were launched in late 2003.

There are 2 Different Versions of The Crown:

Engine Specification:

The Crown S180 JDM Car is based on the Zero Crown concept car. For the new Royal and Athlete models, the engine was changed to a V6, while the Crown Majesta only used a V8, now in 4.3 liter format and with all-wheel drive options. The new engine showed better performance and better fuel economy.

Interior Features:

 A single digital camera has been added to the radar pre-collision system to improve the accuracy of collision prediction and warning and control levels.Compared to its predecessor, this model offers a 70 mm (2.8 in) longer wheelbase and 15 mm (0.6 in) body width. These changes have resulted in the largest interior dimensions of any of its contemporaries, larger than the Mercedes Benz Sclass or the BMW 7 Series.

Exterior Features:

Exterior Features

The Toyota Crown JDM was having alloy wheels of size 14 with tyre size 195/70H R14 and tyre type tubeless and radial in its exteriors. It was having 4 doors and kerb weight of 1442 KG and Gross Weight of 1900 Kg.

Models in Toyota Crown JDM Car:

Year From Year To Chassis

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