Toyota Crown- Reliable and Comfortable Taxicab

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Toyota Crown is the most exotic and iconic model. It has been acclaimed with huge respect, especially in Japan. It is the only well of the car which is available in the catalog of Toyota. This opulent car is available even before Lexus was created. But due to some unfortunate circumstances, it did not reach the citadel and is merely used as a taxi in some cities. It is not it has never been on road, it has been on the roads for a longer time and the negative acclamation is clearly something unable to forget.


Going via the sides are horizontal accents, leading to a flow of comfortless and spacious silhouette. Due to having a length of slightly over 4.8 meters, it generates a commanding and lively experience. Though it is absolutely different from back when appearance is considered. It is very classy yet simple and like Toyota Mark X, twin angled tailpipes are apparent on either side of the bottom.

Having curves and significant lines and a beautiful touch of elegance, it clearly reflects the Japanese Marque. It is willing to change its appearance from the usual designing direction. It stands almost close to the Lexus line-up. Toyota crown has derived some tweaks in order to ensure that the car retains its poise. It also ensures to keep reliability to attract the attention it deserves.


Toyota Crown- Reliable and Comfortable Taxicab

It is a great combination of having an expendable width and track. Such a combination gives it a wider stance upfront. The bumper and the radiator grille part manifest a powerful yet dynamic fascia. Nonetheless, the size constraint, the front styling of the car gives the Toyota crown an appearance of elegance over aggression.


As far as attention is concerned, drivers may have an extreme emotion either in surprise or shock. The reason is the feel and looks of the cabin which is almost like that of the Lexus Model.

Toyota Crown- Reliable and Comfortable Taxicab

The beige leather which is sumptuous adorns the cabin surface. On the other side, the integration of wood grain panel wreaks a contrast in color in order to increase the luxury feel of the interior. Similar to the Lexus Model, the audio is in control as it is available on the steering wheel. It tends to anticipate every need as and when it arises.

The seats in the car provide immense support. The seats of the car are not overly firm and have an elongated body. The Toyota crown moreover offers class-leading cabin space with abundant head, leg, and shoulder room. This is not all though, it has much more to go.

The Drive

Under the car’s bonnet, there lies an engine that allows the 1.6-tonne car that provides maximum power and torque of 227 bhp and 293 Nm respectively.

The crown car is not a road demon and is not even built-in such away. But you will rise in surprise that its V6 3.0-liter engine supplying power to the rear wheels. Though it lacks a V8 woofle, the more you extend the engine it starts getting better.

Once you handle the car, you get to know it is grippe and well balanced. It has effective brakes and has always been well known among the carmakers. Crown is good for day to day driving on busy roads.

So according to it, people may go for the Lexus GS 300. But, the Toyota crown offers more comfort and opulence. It is a luxury sedan. It has great power and speed and can easily overtake. Its interior is no less than any other luxury car and able to tweak the buyer. It is more than just a car. It is a contemporary version of Toyota.

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