Considering both the Toyota Crown vs Lexus IS models, both have their own features, specifications, purpose. Choosing between the two is not so easy and thus a physical watch towards the model is essential. It is very important at the same time to get proper reviews.

Toyota Crown vs Lexus IS: Introduction

Toyota Crown

The name of Toyota Crown was first introduced in the year 1955 by Toyota in Japan. This car follows the segment of luxury sedans. It also proves to be one of the oldest running sedans from Toyota. The company has launched different models of this car. Two of the segments have arrived as Crown Royal and Crown Athlete. The royal has been given the petrol version while the Athlete is a hybrid machine.

The newer version of the Toyota Crown has the taste of the 15th generation. It is also considered as one of the most successful products of Toyota in Japan.

Lexus IS

The Lexus IS believes in stylized visuals and sporty looks. It stands apart from its luxury counterparts. While the Lexus Sedan does not truly live up to the expectations that its bold sheet metal makes. The handling characteristics and tuning ride prove to be enjoyable.

The interior design of Lexus IS unmistakable as the exterior. It is having a driver-focused arrangement and admirable materials. However, the infotainment system where the control part is quite annoying and the back seats are too huge though. Despite the fact, a suite of standard driver-assist and an F sports performance version.

Toyota Crown vs Lexus IS: Exterior

Toyota Crown Front View
Crown Back View
Toyota Crown Side View

The exterior of the new Toyota Crown cars from Japan looks like a ‘Wow’. The newer version of the crown has been provided a new platform which is based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture.

It is a great combination of having an expendable width and track. Such a combination gives it a wider stance upfront. The bumper and the radiator grille part manifest a powerful yet dynamic fascia. Nonetheless, the size constraint, the front styling of the car give the Toyota crown an appearance of elegance over aggression.

Lexus IS Front View
IS Back View
Lexus IS Side View

The Lexus IS cars from Japan could never be described as a conservative car, and the latest facelift adds even more character to this compact luxury sedan.

In front, there are new slim bi-LED headlights with daytime running lamps that flank an even larger spindle grille with a 3-dimensional, polyhedral pattern. All versions have rain-sensing windshield wipers and LED taillamps, with a blade-style rear light bar that spans the width of the body. On the base vehicle, there are 18-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota Crown vs Lexus IS: Interior

Crown Dashboard
Toyota Crown Interior

The interior produces a luxurious look with a designed dashboard containing dual displays. You’ll see an 8-inch screen in the back to view information at the time of driving. The 7-inch display sits on the bottom side for easier operation.

There are three different modes to choose, namely Eco, Normal, and Sport. Crown’s interior is filled up with leather that looks premium if we compare it with other cars. The company has made an eye to make its handling better.

The company says that its sedan produces amazing handling experience and responsive driving performance. Many people like to experience silence inside the cabin. For that, the company has made an appearance of soundproofing materials to keep the cabin as silent as possible.

IS Dahsboard
Lexus IS Interior

The well-bolstered seats and upfront and also the copious switchgear makes the interior a worth watch. It is like a fighter jet cockpit. The aluminum accents, soft-touch surface, and airtight panel gaps in the IS showcase Lexus refinement.

While at the same time the quality of the material is high and there is an optional interactive instrument panel.

Though the design of the dashboard looks antique and the competitors have more rear-seat legroom. Lexus IS useful in the transportation of luggage.

Toyota Crown vs Lexus IS: Engine & Performance

Toyota Crown Engine

The customers have a choice between three engines. Out of which two follow the hybrid version and the remaining one is the regular combustion engine. The first one is a 2.0 L turbocharged engine with 350 Nm torque and 245 horsepower. The hybrid engines of 2.5 and 3.0 L contain an electric motor and nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion battery. The Crown Hybrid holds a weight of around 3850 lbs. It is nearly 57 inches tall, 70 inches wide and 193 inches long.

Lexus IS Engine

The powertrain pairings are already pre-determined on the IS. There is a turbocharged four-cylinder, two versions of the V-6, and a six or eight-speed automatic transmission. Not fortunate to say, the most energetic V-6 feels slow when there is a comparison with no so powerful rivals.

Some of the rivals offer manual transmissions. Though when they tested the rear-drive IS350 F sport it is even slower than less powerful rivals. The car feels more energetic than the four-cylinder versions. It may also shave about half a second off the smaller engine’s acceleration times.

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