Toyota Fuel Cell Car Can Power Your House

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Toyota Fuel Cell Car Can Power Your House: Can you believe that the 2016 Toyota Mirai has the power to power your house for up to 2 days in case of emergency! Hard to believe, right? This car indeed has the potential to propel your home for more than 24 hours in a matter of emergency, although it may not seem like it. It is possible because of the power out technology that is inbuilt in the car although it is not sure whether this advanced technology will be there in the coming cars that are to be sold in the 200 Mirais next year.

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More About the Feature

It is not every day that you come across a car that has such a technology inbuilt in it that has the potential to provide power to your house. This is a novel technology that has not ever been placed in a passenger car. Which makes it an even more exciting opportunity for car owners. This technology enables the Toyota Mirai to produce emission-free electricity and a lot of it as well. The fuel cell of the car has 5 kilograms of compressed hydrogen, which provides energy capacity up to 10,000 psi. This is much higher than 150 kilowatt-hours. 

While some of this energy converts hydrogen in the tank into electric energy, what is left is used to power a house entirely for up to two days. And if used strategically for even seven days. If you take into consideration a typical US house, it uses about 32kWh per day; then, this is not possible. But if you take into account a more modest Japanese household using only about 10kWh per day, this car will provide enough energy for seven days.

The Need for This

The plug which uses the CHAdeMO connector connects easily to the energy station. This will instantaneously convert the high voltage direct current from the Toyota Mirai’s fuel cell car into 100 volts alternating current. This is very useful to power a building. Japan has witnessed massive losses and fatalities during natural calamities like earthquakes. This car is an excellent solution for people to use during a period of distress. 

This is very useful when traditional forms of electricity are not available. Generally, people used to sustain by turning off electricity and other lavish gadgets during the time of need. On the other hand, this is a great way to replace the energy. Japan and other countries with such proneness to natural and human-made disasters can use it. They have an excellent opportunity to meet with the energy crisis with the help of Toyota Mirai. And other cars that may be available in the future for the same.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

The advantage of a hydrogen fuel car over an electric vehicle is sincerely acknowledged by various manufacturers now! These vehicles have only a one-way connection to the grid and are not rechargeable. Still, it provides a terrific amount of energy by conversion of the hydrogen into electric power. This provides an excellent opportunity for homeowners to prepare in the face of any natural calamities. It will also offer sustainable and emergency energy during stressful periods.

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