Toyota Harrier – No Vibration or Harshness

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Toyota Harrier: Before the evolution of cross over SUVs, there was nothing in between big sized sports cars and sedan. While many genuinely appreciate the flexibility of SUVs, the chunkiness of this vehicle is not the best of its features. The Toyota Harrier came with the perfect blend of features.


This is what makes it the best car in the market in its initial days. While many cars have whole sets of new technology, the Toyota Harrier took advantage of those features that were already a hit in the market, making it extremely reliable and versatile.


This car has the i4 and V6 engine as well as transmission options, which were previously found in Toyota Camry. With already a great engine, the engineers could focus on making the rest of the design better and more efficient.

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The Interior of Toyota Harrier


The interior of the Toyota Harrier comprises everything that you should be expecting in a luxury vehicle. You can expect the best of the best features in it. It has power adjusted seats, leather seats, a sunroof, locks, and windows.


There are also several exceptional safety and convenient features like that of anti-lock brakes, multiple airbags, multi-information display, vehicle skid control, rear-seat entertainment, a rearview camera, and GPS navigation. Having the best of all the luxurious features imaginable in an affordable car is truly rare. It is the perfect crossover SUV that you can find on the market at the present moment, whether you buy a new or a used version of this car. 


Toyota Harrier Fuel Consumption

While being a medium-sized SUV, the fuel consumption rate of the Toyota Harrier is extraordinarily efficient and powerful. You can take this car for the extra mile without any trouble or worry. The performance and the fuel consumption rate of this car depending on the year and model of the vehicle.

For the first generation Toyota Harrier, the fuel consumption rate can vary from 8.8km/L to 11km/L. For the second generation, however, it varies from 9.1km/L to 11km/L. You can take your car for a massive ride without a single worry because this is the perfect car for you!

Engine Specifications of Harrier

When choosing the Toyota Harrier, there two models of interest. You can choose between four- and six-cylinder engines depending on your preference and budget. You can also choose from five- or six-speed automatic transmission depending on which generation of this model you are choosing. The Hybrid Harrier comes with a combination of V6 engine along with CVT (continuous variable transmission).


The drivetrain, on the other hand, also comes with two different versions, such as front-wheel as well as the all-wheel-drive configuration for a smooth ride. Obviously, the four-cylinder option will not provide you with a better result other than six-cylinder options. But, on the other hand, the four-cycle cylinder is more economical than the other variant, making it a better option.

All this and so much more is what you get in the complete wheels package – the Toyota Harrier.

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