Toyota Harrier vs Nissan Murano

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Toyota Harrier vs Nissan Murano: Japanese automobiles manufacturers Toyota and Nissan are two completely different brands consistently ruling over the hearts of its billions of users. Both brands have acquired good market shares and have gained enormous goodwill.


The decision to invest in any of these two might prove to be very difficult for the purchasers. Toyota Harrier vs Nissan Murano – both these models sport an incredibly luxurious look, which makes a choice even harder for the buyers.

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Here are some of the fundamental differences, which differentiate them from each other. They are:


Both of these models possess an ample number of user-friendly features. Harrier is a complete package of advanced features. On the other hand, it has power steering, airbags, power window, etc. So, it is a petrol-based vehicle and has an automatic transmission.


On the other hand, Murano has an AWD(all-wheel drive) drivetrain and automatic transmission. Further, it has quick folding seats and offers complete comfort to the passengers.


Carrying Capacity

It is one of the primary features, which one should pay attention to while purchasing a car. If the family is small, the Harrier will obviously be best suited. It has a carrying capacity of 5 members and is a mid-size SUV. It has five doors and is spacious from within.


On the other hand, Murano has a comfortable sitting arrangement, five doors which add on to the convenience of people and can carry huge numbers of luggage. 



Harrier has a 2.4-liter engine with four cylinders inducted, which provides 118KW of power at 5600 pm. So, its central engine coolant is water and runs on gasoline. It has a fuel consumption of 12.8 litres/100 km in the more urban areas.

Contrastingly, Murano has a V6 cylinder with a fuel tank capacity of 82 liters. The model gives a maximum torque of 336 mn and a maximum power of 192 KW. It provides a mileage of 100 kilometres/10 liters. Hence, these features of Murano make it more effective than Harrier.


Harrier offers various interior features that make the trips of passengers comfortable. It provides a package of nano-g air conditioner, an electric twin roof, and ample space for luggage. The outer body of Harrier is vertical, with day time running lights, which make the model completely stylish.

On the other hand, Murano displays a classy interior, has eleven music players. It also has mobile phone connectivity and leather-coated steering. These features make it ideally suited for adults. Its exterior is fitted with fog lights, rear spoiler, and power mirror. Certainly, this gives it a classy look.

Interior Feel

Moreover, the Toyota Harrier has a luxurious cabin with a fully digital stylish dashboard. Thus, it was made to provide a luxury feel and comfort. In comparison to this, the Nissan Murano coddles its occupants with the premium quality luxury seats and highly entertaining interior settings. One can choose the interior as per their requirement.

Essentially, Toyota Harrier vs Nissan Murano showcase premium levels of automobile engineering and user-friendly features. To sum up, Murano has an edge ever Harrier in terms of engine efficiency and mileage, both of them come at even times when other factors like comfort and exterior looks are taken into consideration. You can choose any one of these cars as per your requirements and usage. 

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