Toyota HiAce 4th vs 5th Generation

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Toyota HiAce 4th vs 5th Generation: The reliable search for people or cargo mover may take you to either the Toyota HiAce 2003 van or its bigger and boxier sibling van. Moving ahead,  This model is one of the finest MPV come out of Japan. Moreover, It has an impressive history; the performance is high, fully functional, and reliable. Apart from that, it is easy to maintain as well. Well, wanting to choose between 4th and 5h generations can leave you with little perplexing. Let us here have a side by side comparison of the two models to help you in the decision making.


4th Generation Toyota HiAce Van (1989 to 2004)

The 4th generation Toyota HiAce was first launched in the market in the year 1989. The size of the engine ranged from 2 to 3 liters. It is having the petrol for the first model and diesel for models released later on. Some of the models have four-wheel drives while other vehicles had two-wheel drives.


In the year 1994, Toyota gave the HiAce a great lift. There is some transformation in the exterior features. In the year 1997, Toyota changed from cargo van to a family van together having family-friendly features. In the year 2004, there was a discontinuation of the 4th generation and replaced by the next generation.

5th Generation Toyota HiAce (2004 to present)

The 5th generation Toyota HiAce comes with more enhanced features in comparison with 4th generation. It comes up with different models.  


Most of the models are using 4-cylinder engines on the other side, it uses a 2KD-FTV diesel engine. The 5th generation started off its production in the year 2004. 

The two versions of Toyota HiAce were launched in the Philippines-the GL Grandia and the commuter and both are coming with manual transmissions.

Interior Comparison

4th Generation Toyota HiAce Van

The interior of the model is extremely spacious. It is spacious both at the front and the back. Hiace comes with immense features like power steering, dual airbags, manually adjustable driver’s seat and manual transmission for various models.

It can carry three people in the front including the driver. It can in total carry 11 people. The seats are a combination of half leather/ half cloth or all cloth. 

The dashboard is plastic and the instruments are good. This van has a number of features if older generation vehicles are considered.

5th Generation Toyota HiAce Van

The interior of this model includes 14 passenger seating capacity, air conditioning, power mirrors, and front windows, power steering. It has a radio with a 4 speaker sound system and two front end airbags. Further, the rear passenger gets air conditioning and sized windows are moderate.

The 5th generation has central locking and automatic transmission with the gearshift mounted on the dashboard. 

There are no cup holders; the cabin storage is bigger than the 4th generation vans. The latest models offer features like a reverse camera, radio, a CD player and a navigation system.

Engine and Fuel Economy

4th Generation HiAce Van

It is available in 2.0-I petrol, 2.5-I, 2.7-I, and 3.0-I diesel engines. The most popular engine is the 4-cylinder 2.7litre diesel engine, mated to a 5 gear manual transmission system.

On the other hand, the fuel system has a standard diesel injection system. The 70-liter tank capacity must take you a good 680 km, probably more. Thus, the fuel consumption is 9.8 kilometers per liter.

5th Generation HiAce Van

The 5th generation Toyota HiAce has 4 cylinders 3.0 diesel engines with a standard diesel injection fuel system. 

You can have features like 70-liter fuel tank capacity, you can take yourself to quite a distance. Finally, the fuel consumption for highways and the city is 11.4 kilometers per liter. The engine has 5-speed automatic transmission systems.

4th Generation Toyota HiAce Van vs 5th Generation Toyota HiAce Van

4th Generation HiAce Van: Great for Families and Small Businesses. Both versions come up with distinctive features and advantages. So, the fourth generation is for people looking for a family car when going for a campaign and out of city driving.

The cargo version is recommendable for small businesses including customizations for cargo business. These vehicles are useful for airport transfer and taxi businesses.

5th Generation HiAce Van: Great for Corporate-Level Transportation Services. Further, it is best suitable for corporate bodies, transport providers and buyers getting into people moving business. So, it has features which make it good for government, business and corporate transportation.

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