Toyota IST vs Honda Fit

Toyota IST vs Honda Fit

Toyota and Honda are older and well-known automobile company. Both of them have earned a good reputation in front of the audience. In their segment of mid-sized cars, we can make a comparison to identify their standards. So, Toyota IST vs Honda Fit will be the two units of whom we will identify the difference in this section.

Toyota IST

The arrival of this subcompact car was first seen in the year 2002. The company continued its manufacturing until the year 2016. This is a 5-door hatchback model whose major attraction was its style. IST is the sixth brand to acquire the Vitz as the base model. It was conceived as a high-end multi-use compact vehicle having a style of SUV and wagon-like roominess.


You can see a wide front grille and wheel arch in this car. The 15-inch tires make it a good option for a nice drive. The structure of its body was realized through the advanced Global Outstanding Assessment process. One of its main intentions was to upgrade safety measures in collisions with heavier vehicles.


Toyota has made the inside part of IST simple and vibrant. Talking about its space, it is comfortable enough to handle 4 passengers.

You can see a metallic decoration around some parts of the interior like heater control panel, door trim and instrumental panel. The company has also delivered a good space for storage.

Engine & Specifications

This four-cylinder car holds a 1298-1798 cc inline engine having 63-100 kW of power with 86-136 horsepower. It can generate a torque of around 175 Nm. There are two options of two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The number of gears is four and the tank can contain the capacity of 45 liters. The length of this car is 151 inches, width of 66.73 inches, and a height of 60.23 inches.

Honda Fit

Also known as Honda Jazz, this hatchback model was first introduced in the year 2001. If we talk about its latest model, there is an availability of more passenger space. Along with that, people will see a multi-way folding back seat for exceptional adaptability.


The latest presentation of this car contains a spacious interior. A good space has been given in the rear-seat areas in this subcompact car.

The inside part contains Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, steering wheel audio controls and at least one USB port. Additionally, people will explore a 7.0-inch touch-screen.


This is a mid-sized car having a fine combination of aerodynamic efficiency and modern sport styling. The stylish headlights, grille and badging make a nice front ends of this car. The fog lights are joined with the bold front bumper and headlight design to deliver a sporty look. The Fit is also given LED brake lights on the rear side. The 16-inch alloy wheels are also provided to assist this model for a sporty touch.

Engine & Specifications

Honda has used 1.5 L Earth Dreams Technology TM 4-cylinder engine in its latest version containing 130@6600 horsepower. The width of this car is around 67 inches with a front headroom of 39.5 inches. It contains a height of 60 inches and the rear headroom is 37.50 inches. The length of the Honda Fit is around 161 inches.

Which Way to Go?

If you’re also thinking to make a comparison between Toyota IST Vs Honda Fit, we can help you. Both of them are defined as fine supermini cars. Mutually they have a good design but many people prefer to own Honda fit for its stylish sporty behavior. In terms of safety, both models have anti-locking brakes and airbags.

Both these units have standard technical features and are supposed to be reliable. If someone prioritizes comfort and amenities, they can look for Honda Fit. Toyota IST can prove to be good when someone wishes to resale it. This is because the parts of this car are supposed to be cheaper and easily available. Still, take your valuable time and decide which car you want to take home.

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