Toyota Land Cruiser JDM Car

Customizing cars is a popular way for car lovers to have fun and hence their interest in these types of cars. For many carmakers, however, their business is more dependent on selling dedicated utility vehicles to working people than sports cars for playful maniacs. In particular, utility cars are certainly sharing fortunes with commuters in the most remote areas of the world. As a result, only vehicles with great reliability based on rigorously evaluated and accepted performance can survive in such market places. Land Cruiser is one of these unique brands.

Toyota’s beginnings were that founder Kiichiro Toyoda dreamed of making passenger cars, yet his secure footing in business was trucks. Following Chevrolet, Toyota developed a truck sharing mechanism similar to that of the passenger car. Toyota acquired management and technical skills during the war through private distribution and selling trucks to the military. At the end of the Pacific War, Toyota also took over prototype 4WD military vehicle development, which they referred to the American military jeep worn out by the Japanese military in Southeast Asia.

This experience became an advantage for Toyota after the war. Toyota still wanted to make passenger cars but the GHQ/SCAP (General Headquarters, The Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers) banned passenger car mass production immediately after the war. The ban was eventually lifted in 1947, but the market for a passenger car was too small to set up a business. In addition, labor disputes flared up at that time and Toyota eventually faced bankruptcy. Then in 1950 the Korean War broke out. The US military ordered Toyota to build a large number of military trucks for deployment in Korea.

On the other hand, GHQ/SCAP ordered the establishment of the Japan Police Reserve Corps, the former Japan Grand Self-Defense Force, to reinforce the Japanese defense. GHQ/SCAP voiced major car manufacturers to develop four wheel drive vehicles for this new Japanese military.

Toyota designed an ‘all-round car’ for competition based on 4WD prototype development experiences during the war. However, they lost out to Mitsubishi, which is producing JEEP, a licensed productions of Willis Overland. Toyota, which never missed an opportunity but made it into a good sale, started selling this ‘all-round car’ to forest industries and police stations, fire departments and post offices located in hilly areas. The name of this car was business “Jeep”, which was taken as jeep for work.

In 1957, the second generation of the Land Cruiser was loaded with the Toyota Crown for shipment to North America as a pioneer of Japanese car exports. Crown withdrew from the market due to severe criticism of the performance. In contrast, the Land Cruiser was widely accepted due to its high-durability and run-through performance meeting military-level standards, and cut Toyota’s way into the North American market.

In 1960, the third generation, the FJ40, was released, and people all over the world raced on this model. They loved the utility, performance reliability, comfort and stylish design like a passenger car. Sales increased in countries in North America, Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East, all known to be competitive markets. The FJ40 became a 24 year long seller model until 1984. Legendary Pop finally produced the FJ CRUISER in 2006 for the North American market only. The design and characters paid homage to the FJ40. In 2010, the FJ CRUISER became available for sale in Japan due to its huge hit in North America.

In the wilderness areas on the other side of Earth, the performance and reliability of vehicles can be the difference between life and death, and so is the demand for heavy-duty models like the 70-series, and Toyota almost religiously a highly regarded brand. Is. in those areas. Drifting in water 70 cm (28 in) deep in such places should not be a problem, and this is really the minimum requirement. According to the developer of the current Land Cruiser 70, similar or convertible parts with the FJ40 60 years ago are assembled on purpose. Those parts are also located in the driving system and suspension as important parts.

The LAND CRUISER is designed and proven to be worth it in really critical situations, for example, car breaks down in the middle of areas where there are no parts delivery routes or proper repair shops. Passengers also find parts from an old broken Land Cruiser piled up in a scrap yard to bring their car home alive.

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