Toyota Launches the New Mirai

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Toyota Motors launches the completely redesigned new “Mirai” fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). The all-new Toyota Mirai is available from Toyota vehicle dealers starting December 9.


FCEVs run on hydrogen, a fuel that can be produced from various energy sources and contributes to the preservation of the global environment and reinforcing energy security. They are the ultimate eco-cars, offering long cruising ranges with a short refueling time and generating zero emissions. The 1st-generation Toyota Mirai, launched in 2014, was a revolutionary FCEV and a global forerunner in mass production. During the early stages of the Toyota Mirai’s introduction. There was limited supply capacity, and customers made various requests including a larger seating capacity and longer cruising range.

Hydrogen use has progressed in various forms with the aim of creating a low-carbon and decarbonized economy, and Toyota Motors plans to use new fuel cell (FC) systems that pursue compact size, efficiency, and productivity in the means of mobility that support society including trucks and buses, and contribute to the expanded use of hydrogen. The new Toyota Mirai will serve as a new departure point for creating a hydrogen-based society of the future.

Grades and Price

2 grades: the standard G grade and the second one high-end Z grade is available. Both grades are outfitted with ample and comfortable rear-seat space, and the “Executive Package,” with enhanced comfort as a luxury vehicle, is available. The “A Package” that includes Toyota Teammate Advanced Park and other features is available for the G grade. Prices for vehicles with Advanced Drive are not yet set.

Vehicle Outline

  1. Emotional Appeal through Styling

The concept of “silent dynamism” was incorporated into the design with the aim of creating an emotional appeal not just because it is an eco-car, but because of its stylish car.

  • The exterior design of the new Toyota Mirai fuses the proportions to exude a sense of speed with outlines that emphasize bold surface changes.
  • The interior design merges the fun of driving with a sense of comfort while in admiration of the advanced innovations at a higher level.
  • The new Mirai is available in a lineup of eight body colors including Force Blue Multiple Layers, a newly-developed color that provides shading and vividness to accentuate the styling.

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  1. Distinctive Driving Experience Unique to FCEVs

In addition to environmental performance. The new Toyota Mirai pursues perfection as a car that is comfortable, spacious, and fun to drive.

  • The torque surges from the moment the accelerator pressed for the smooth acceleration of an FCEV up to any speed.
  • The compact, high-output FC stack is located under the hood, and the motor and drive battery is in the rear. Optimal placement of the FC stack including the hydrogen fuel tank achieves an optimal 50:50 weight distribution between the front and the rear.
  • Based on the GA-L platform that has established a reputation as a platform for high-end rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the structures of various parts including the rear have been redesigned to create greatly enhanced body rigidity.
  • The new Mirai is an electrified vehicle with no engine vibration or noise, and the enhanced body rigidity and additional soundproofing measures provide an outstanding level of quietness.

As a result of these enhancements. The new Toyota Mirai delivers both responsive handling and a quiet and smooth ride, the joys of driving an FCEV.

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  1. Industry-Leading Innovation
  1. Firstly, equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense active safety package
  2. Secondly, the advancement of the Pre-Collision System (PCS)
  3. Thirdly, Toyota Teammate Advanced Driving Assist Functions
  4. Then, advanced Drive (sales release scheduled in 2021 for vehicles equipped with the package)
  5. Advanced Park (for vehicles equipped with the package)
  6. Finally, “Minus emissions”, a new concept and a Toyota first: The more you drive, the cleaner the air



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